Done with her chores, Cait decided to have her bath as soon as possible. Mom was already cooking. Not just cooking, but cooking one of Cait’s favourite, Chinese noodles. Cait loved her noodles hot, freshly served from the pot. So she had to do whatever she had to do before 9 am. As she wrapped her rather too wide and heavy towel around herself, her phone buzzed.

“What the hell! Who is that Idiot?!” Cait shouted with a frustrating tone. She chose to ignore the phone and went to the bathroom. As she began to attend to her teeth, the phone buzzed again, and again! 

Defeated, and finding the ringing of phone to be adding to her frustration, Cait hurriedly rinsed her mouth and dashed out of the bathroom to retrieve her phone from the stool beside her pillow- decorated big bed. 

Picking the phone which had been lying face down, Cait mentally kicked herself as she saw the name that was visible on her screen. It was Bunmi, her very good and only friend. The ringing was about to end when she finally picked the call.

“Cait! Where the fuck did you leave your phone?” Bunmi asked immediately.

“Sorry B, I was in the bathroom when you called. Probably didn’t hear it ring.” Cait lied, knowing that she had not only heard it ringing, but had also called her an idiot.

“Whatevs! So…………………”

“Which one is so……? Just spill the beans already.” Cait cut in, as her friend began to reply her with the annoying ‘so’ she says whenever she wanted to gossip about something really big. But with the way Bunmi was sounding, Cait knew it was not only something big, it was something exciting and whatever it was, it had to with her friend.

“Uh uh, I’m not spilling anything now. Oh my God! I want to tell you but I don’t want to right now!” Bunmi shrieked as she spoke, that Cait had to remove the phone from her ear.

“Wait, so you called me, to tell me you have something to tell me but can’t tell me now? Please bye b…”

“No! Chill joor! That’s not it.” Bunmi quickly cut in.

“THEN WHAT IS IT?” Cait retorted, feeling impatient.

“Well, the thing is that I do have something to tell you but I would like to tell you to your face, not over the phone. It will feel better that way. So, we can meet in an hour at err….Lambo Café?” Bunmi replied calmly, not minding the frustration in Cait’s voice.

Cait sighed heavily and said, “No probs, but it can’t be in an hour. I haven’t eaten and Cache comes up by 10:30.You know I don’t like missing that show.”

“Ugh! Ok then. What about 12 in the afternoon? Abi there is another show?” Bunmi asked sarcastically.

“Yeah, 12 is fine.” Cait said chuckling, probably imagining her friend pouting and throwing daggers with her eyes at the moment.

“Good! I can’t wait to tell you! Byeah….!” Bunmi interrupted her friend’s thought and their conversation ended at that.

Cait didn’t bother checking the clock on her bedroom wall. She already knew that the time was fast spent for her to take a bath and still meet her meal hot. So, she decided to have her bath after having breakfast, and went downstairs to eat her hot Chinese noodles. “Thank you very much B! You rock!” She muttered to herself with no mirth.

*          *          *


“Cait!” Bunmi shouted, waving, as she spotted Cait who was busy looking round the Café, trying to locate her friend. They hugged each other and took their seats. Immediately, the waiter came, and took their orders as if on cue. Cait ordered for tea, while Bunmi ordered for a cup of coffee. They decided to start up their conversation while waiting for their beverages.

“So…………..” Bunmi began and immediately cut herself when she saw Cait’s stern look. Instead of talking to continue their conversation, Bunmi decided to show Cait the back of her palm. On her finger was a ring, on it were two triangle diamond stones, and Cait couldn’t help but drool over it. It was so beautiful. Regaining herself from her dream state, Cait finally asked, “Is that what I think it is?! You guys are engaged! When did it happen? How did it happen? How did you feel when he was on his knees begging for your hand? I bet you felt like a goddess! This is good B! I’m so happy for you!”

Bunmi was busy grinning like a fool, for she couldn’t contain her happiness as well. Finding her voice at last, she replied, “thank you dear. We got engaged yester night and of course I felt like a goddess.”

They were both smiling and as if planned, their faces suddenly changed into that of sadness. They were all sad faces, no talk for about a minute. The waiter just in time came with their tea and coffee.

Finally, Cait talked, “so, are you going to finally tell them?”

By ‘them’ Cait meant Mr. Segun Kolade and Mrs. Kofo Kolade, Bunmi ‘s parents. They were people of strong cultural mindset when it came to marriage or courtship. Bunmi and her other siblings, were not allowed to date or get married to anyone that is not a Yoruba man or woman.

“I will tell them. I love Chinwe, and they will just have to deal with it. I might have dated only Yoruba guys in the past to please my parents, but Chinwe? Hell no! I can’t lose him Cait.” Bunmi said with tears in her eyes.

Cait knew quite alright that Bunmi evidently loved Chinwe. Her friend had met him during their NYSC days last year. While Cait’s place of appropriation was a highly ill equipped and poorly built school located in a village, Bunmi had worked in a bank, where she met Chinwe, a corper himself.

Nothing was said for a while. Cait was busy consoling her friend, who was busy sobbing, not minding the stares of other occupants of the café. After crying for a good five minutes, Bunmi spoke at last. “This might sound crazy, but I need you to be cool with it. I’m going with it whether you agree or not anyway.”

Cait squinted, looking at her friend suspiciously. She then sighed and said “and what will that be?”

“So………….. Haha! Sorry, sorry, what’s your own  with my ‘Sos’ sef?” Bunmi cut herself again, laughing at her friend’s “I will fucking slap you if you don’t stop your annoying ‘Sos’ right now” face.

“Anyway…” She continued. “I’ve decided to get pregnant.” This caused Cait to choke on her tea.

She coughed and coughed that her eyes began to water.

“What kind of plan is that? Are you out of your mind?” she asked as soon as she was free from her little dilemma. What if he stops loving you like my pa did to my ma? She had wanted to say but quickly bit her tongue. She also knew that Chinwe was crazy for Bunmi. But dad was like that with mom before they had they had their daughter. She thought again. 

“It’s a very good plan. I will be four months pregnant before I tell them, to add to their shock. Besides, my parents are professional doctors who despise abortion. They wouldn’t want their child to have a bastard, considering how stoic they are. Hence, Chinwe and I get married.” Bunmi replied i a care-free manner.

“This is no good plan, B. It is a wicked one!” Cait said, and paused for some seconds, deep in thought as she looked down at her already cold tea. 

Then she finally looked up, shaking her head and said, “You are an evil genius! I think your plan will work.”

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