Why The Flare?

Almost every girl possesses a flared up gown or skirt in her wardrobe. Why is that? Well, the answer is simple. When I see someone on a flared gown, what I notice is how young the person looks. Flared up clothing tend to give us a younger look. So, if you are one who loves to look below her normal age, flared up skirts or gowns are certainly the best.
But then, it could have its challenges sometimes. Flared clothes, most especially mini gowns and skirts, tend to become annoying to wear in windy days. You could be walking on the road-side one particular day feeling young and beautiful in your wonderful dress, and get stripped with the breeze. Sometimes, you might not even be stripped, instead, you will be given fraps (a situation whereby part of your clothes are between your butt cheeks). How embarrasing! This is why most people prefer to wear them during sunny days.

Nonetheless, flare ups are definitely beautiful!


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