Cait got home at 5 in the evening after her rendezvous with Bunmi. Bunmi had practically spoilt most of Cait’s plan today. Five was when she had her work out routine done, 6:30 pm was when she had dinner, since her mom would be having hers about that time as well. “Thanks again B.” She muttered to herself for the second time that day. 

As she started pulling off her clothes to change into her work out wear, her phone buzzed. On display was her boss, and she hurriedly picked his call while wondering why he would call her on a Saturday. 

“Hello, good evening Sir.” She said into the phone.

“Good evening Miss Coker.” He replied and continued. “I know you are probably wondering why I would call you on a Saturday. No worries, I just called to ask a favour. My son would be arriving the airport in an hour and I need you to welcome him Miss Coker. And to bring him home because he doesn’t know the way to the house. I got this house while he was in the states” 


“I know now is probably not convinient for you. But the unfortunate thing is that my drivers are not available at the moment. And I can’t go because I’m quite indisposed right now.” Dr. Falana interrupted, wanting to explain himself and to make her understand.

What about your wife? Cait almost said, she was so furious at the moment. This particular Saturday was just bent on frustration. She wanted to scream! “No problem Sir. I can receive him at the airport. The issue however is that I do not have a car.” Cait replied in a voice that contrasted how angry she was.

“I do know that Miss Coker. All you have to do is to come to my house and get one of the cars there. You live in Johnson street if I’m correct? So it’s probably a thirty minutes drive from your place. I suggest you start coming now that you might get to the airport in time. Once again, I’m sorry for the inconvinience.”

“No problem Sir. I will be on my way soon.” Cait replied and hung up immediately. She had said those words with all the politeness she  could muster. She was so frustrated, she could cry. “Arrrrrrrrgh!” She screamed into her pillow, trying to blow off a little steam.

*          *          *


Derrick had arrived the airport at 6:15 pm that evening. He was now pacing, furious at the fact that it was already 6:50 and whoever his dad had sent to pick him up had not arrived yet. He kept looking at every woman he could sight if they had curled natural black hair, looked fair in complexion and of an average height. That was who his dad had described to him, Catherine Coker or whatever her name was. He was still pacing with his head down when someone tapped him from the back.

“Err…you must be Mr. Derrick Falana yeah?”

Derrick just looked at the beautiful stranger. At that point his anger resided. Looking at him was an extremely beautiful face clear of any element of make up. “Witch!” He said inwardly. His eyes wandered to the Stranger’s hair and kept staring at it. The stranger’s hair was so black and curly. It was unpacked with only a thin head band holding it in place at the front. 

Cait was also staring at Derrick. She thought he was crazy with the way he was looking at her. She had asked him a question to confirm that the person in the picture given to her by her boss was indeed the person who was now looking at her with perfect scrutiny. She couldn’t take it anymore and decided to pinch him on his cheek that he might wake up from his slumber, shock or whatever it is that was wrong with him.

“Ouch!” Derrick shouted as he was brought back to reality by Cait’s pinch. “What was that for?” He continued, still rubbing his cheek to ease the sting.

“Well, you looked like you were in shock or something. Had to confirm if you were alright. Anyway, I asked you a question.” Cait replied.

“Yeah, I did hear you. And yes I’m Derrick, and you must be be Miss Catherine Coker”

“It’s Cai..”

“And you are so damn late. It’s about 8:00 right now. I’ve been standing here for almost two hours! What kind of P.A did my dad employ.” Derrick cut in angrily, finally being reminded that he had been delayed for an unbearable amount of time, and not minding whatever it is she had to say.

Seeing that he was done with his vent, Cait took it as her time to reply. “I’m very sorry Sir. There was a bit of a traffic jam on my way.” She explained.

Derrick just looked at her with the look of indifference and said, “whatever. Can we just go now?!

At that, they left the airport. Cait had offered to assist in carryig his bags, but he had said no. He felt she was a woman and his luggages were probably too heavy for her. Not like she cared. She was glad he declined. She only wanted to help because he was the boss’ son. She had seen him pacing when she spotted him at the airport. She first saw the back of his head, not knowing he was the one in the picture at first. She stared at his head until he turned and then she stared the more.

Cait thought the back of his head was so beautiful. It sounded stupid, but it’s the truth. He had black hair, quite full and cropped at the back a little. As he turned, Cait saw that he was striking! She had thought he looked handsome in the picture but seeing him in the flesh, he was more than that. He had a very nice stature. Tall, dark and looked like he had no fat at all, but all lean beautiful muscles in the t-shirt he wore. When he had been staring at her weirdly, Cait had gotten a better glimpse of his face. He had full eyebrows with very beautiful eyes.

On their way to her boss’ house, Cait began to inwardly chastise herself. I’m not supposed to find any man attrative, I’m not supposed to drool over them. I will only get hurt in the end. She said these words like a mantra to remind herself that men were hypocrites, they were lying bastards who could not love a woman sincerely and entirely. One slight development could change whatever love they had said they had for a woman. Cait had always lived with that belief ever since her dad betrayed her mom and her. 

The words seemed to help as Cait could no longer see the image of Derrick blurring her vision. That’s right! No man can get to me. No man can treat me like I’m shit, no man can have my heart, or body, not even you pretty boy. She told herself, and found peace with it. 

She was Caitlyn Coker, the girl who had lost her heart to betrayal, all over again.


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