Gold Diggers

I used to think the word “gold digger” was always attributed to just the poor. I have however realised that everyone, regardless of his/her status is a potential gold digger.

Man tends to continously dig for gold. Why is that? Well, it’s all tied to two things, AMBITION AND MAN’S INSATIABLE NATURE.

Ambition is what makes an already rich politician to go further and campaign for presidency.

It is what makes a pastor move beyond the congregation in his church to go out to preach the gospel worldwide.

It is what makes  someone with a MSc to go further and acquire a PHD.

Man’s insatiable nature however, is what pushes an already rich politician to pocket the taxes, loans or grants meant for the development of his or her country.

It is what pushes a professional doctor to go on with the abortion of a 6-month old pregnancy.

It is what propels a student to become a booty call for his/her teachers/lecturers, all to boost grades.

It is what makes man follow the path of the machievelli principle- the end justifies the means. The good news about being on this kind of road is that “you’ve come a long way”. The bad news is that “you are in the wrong way”. 

Go on and dig your gold. But while you do it, try not to mix it with the dirt.

Enjoy your day! 🙂


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