Sunday came and ended pretty fast. Cait went as late as 10:00 am to a church that ended service at 10:30 am. This was because she had gotten home very late last night. Her boss had left his car for her to take home.  He felt that he should ease her of the stress he had already caused.

It was now monday and as usual, Cait got to the office before her boss. She rode in his car that she might return it to any of his official drivers that were around. She was busy shuffling through a file when the door of her office was opened. She thought it was her boss because the person didn’t bother knocking. However, the intruder she was looking at right now was Derrick Falana. They stared at each other for a while before one of them broke the silence. That person was Cait.

“Good Morning Sir, how may I help you?” She asked.

“Don’t worry Miss Coker, you won’t be helping me because I am firing you.” Derrick replied brusquely handling out an envelope to her.

Cait thought he was crazy, looking at him like he had grown two heads, before she finally spoke. “I…I don’t understand what you are talking about sir. Did I offend your dad? Did he send you or what?”

“Send me? Very funny. Are you Obama that he will be scared of firing you himself? Anyway, he didn’t send me. I’m the one firing you, not him.” Derrick explained.

“Are you serious right now? Look, I don’t work for you. I work for your dad. So, except they are on his terms, you can’t fire me.” Those words were laced with anger as Cait spoke.

“You see, Miss Coker, I’m the new boss till…whenever. Derrick said with a shrug and continued. And I don’t feel like having a P.A. A secretary is enough for me,and you are very much aware that this company already has one. My dad might have needed a P.A for some reasons. I, on the other hand, find it unnecessary. So, like I said, you are fired.”

At that point Cait hated him so much. If she ever thought he was handsome or good-looking, now she thought he was a demon, a mean bastard who just ruined her life. Where did he expect her to start from? Now she has go job hunting, like getting a job in a country filled with millions of graduates and only hundreds of companies was easy to accomplish. She picked her hand bag, packed whatever personal things she had and walked out of the office. She didn’t collect the damn letter, she didn’t say a damn word to her ‘new boss’ but her look had said it all. Even Derrick knew that she hated him at that point, if not forever.

Derrick shook his head as he watched her go. He hadn’t been polite, but it was bound to happen. He had had to do it. He wanted to concentrate on handling his father’s business without problems or complications. He couldn’t work with someone he dreamt of having in his bed. He was a ladies man. He had had different women in bed but it had always been on one principle- no strings attached. It was all about fun, it was all fling, no serious relationship. Complications were bound to arise if he kept seeing the woman he had screwed every day of the week. It was ‘use and dump’ for him, not ‘use and continue to see.’ His relationship with a woman ended in bed. So, he had to fire Cait that he might have her as a woman he met outside his father’s office. However the look she had given him earlier said it all. He might never have her, for he had seen a lot of hate in her eyes. 

Why did his dad have such a hot P.A? Why did he call him home to come run his company? Derrick sighed regrettably. He knew it wasn’t his dad’s fault. The man was sick and the doctor had insisted that he take a break from work, if not retire. Stress added to his sickness. So he had to call the only son he had that was single. The others were married with children. He didn’t want to bother them, they had families to worry about. He had briefed his son of the the company, before handing over his position to him. 

Derrick had learnt all that was needed about Tremline Oil and Gas in a day. He was that smart. He had also learnt about his dad’s P.A. He found out that she was a 22 year old lady, quite fresh out of school. He also found out that she was an excellent P.A and that she wasn’t Catherine but Caitlyn after all.
Beautiful name and a beautiful face.
He had thought as he went through her profile. He got turned on just by looking at her passport photograph. He had wanted to bury his hand and face in her hair, during their first encounter. She was definitely trouble. He really didn’t need a P.A, but he could manage to have one. He just couldn’t bare seeing Cait virtually every day and not being able to screw her. “My lady staff are off limits”. His dad had warned him in those words, for he knew the kind of son he had. He loved women for the pleasure they gave him. Plain and simple.

*          *          *

On her way home, Cait stopped at a café for an hour. Plain hot tea did it for her, not alcohol. She needed to clear her head. She didn’t know if she was angry or sad. Or both. The tea did calm her nerves a little and having accomplished that, she left for home. 

When she got home, she met the gate locked. Strange. She thought. Her mom rarely went out. She had a spare key and used it to get the lock open. As she got to the door of the living room, Cait thought she heard voices. Is that a man’s voice? Cait asked inwardly. She decided to find out.

As she opened the door, Cait couldn’t believe what she saw. She was so disgusted that the tea she had earlier ran to her throat. She was so shocked that all she could mutter was “Oh my God.”


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