What was in Cait’s view was something she could not fathom. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It had shocked her so much that she didn’t realise her mom had spotted her.

“Cait…….” Her mother said with a shaking voice. She had been caught red handed with a man. Not just any man but with Charles Coker.

“How could you mom? Of all people you chose a man that hurt you in depth. That almost ruined us. And of all places you guys had to have your shit in my house?!” Cait shouted her words at her mother. She was angry. So disappointed and bewildered.

“Don’t talk to your mother like that Cait……”

“Get the hell out of my house!!” Cait interrupted her father, the man she had caught on the sofa, half naked in the living room, entwined with her mother. She wasn’t interested in whatever it is he wanted to say. His presence—especially the half naked image he had in front of her—irritated her.

Charles could feel the venom in her voice, which made him not to go further talking. He dressed hurriedly and left the house, leaving Funbi to confess her sins to her daughter.

“Look Cait I can explain.” Her mom began as soon as her lover left.

“No mom. I ask, you answer. First question. How long has this been going on?” Cait was speaking calmly but her mom knew the word ‘calm’ was not in her daughter’s dictionary at the moment. The girl was on the edge.

“For…..for…for a while.”

“I want specifics mom!” Cait shouted rudely!

Her mother shouted back. “I won’t have you speak to me this way Cait! Mi o ki n se egbe e (I’m not your mate). You want specifics? Fine! Your father and I have been seeing each since your second year in the university. There! I think that’s precise enough.”

“How come? Doesn’t he live in Abuja with his whore and son anymore?” Cait asked these questions with threatening tears in her eyes.

“No. He lives in Lagos now. His boss just built another branch of his organisation and thought Charles should be the one to manage it for him. This branch happens to be in Lagos.” Her mother explained herself. Feeling embarrassed as she spoke. Like her husband, she had betrayed her daughter too.

“I’m so sorry Cait. You need to understand that I love your dad with all my heart that I don’t seem to reason when I’m around him. I keep on opening my arms to him whenever he beckons. I don’t like this either but I can’t seem to have control over my feelings. I don’t know maybe it’s because he is my first love, my first everything or whatever. All I know is that I can’t live without him. Cait please, try to understand that I will never hurt you on purpose. This was not how I hoped you will find out. Please Cait, do understand me. Please…” Funbi continued explaining herself to her daughter with tears streaming down her face.

Cait just gave a helluva of a scowl and said, “I see……So you are so ‘in love’ that you are ready to become his booty call. Tell me mom, does he spend the night after you guys are done with your business?” Cait asked with a look of disgust and continued. “He runs home to his wife doesn’t he? Can’t you see what you are making yourself to be before his eyes? He can call you whenever he likes and have whenever he likes. Mom! He called you a whore that night! And you are here acting in line with his words….…”

Cait didn’t finish her words for she was interrupted with a stinging slap on her cheek. “Don’t you ever talk to me like that! I’m still your mother.”

Cait knew she hadn’t talked right. She had said those words angrily. However, she wasn’t going to apologise. She walked out of her mom and headed to her room with her palm on her hurting cheek. Five minutes later she came back downstairs, with a small travelling bag.

“What do you think you are doing Cait?” Her mom asked even though the motive was already obvious to her.

“I need to clear my head mom. I can’t stay in the same house with you right now. I can’t look at you in the face. Staying together is all going to be some cold war scenario.” Cait answered, anger still in her voice.

“Please Cait don’t do this. I know I hurt you but please don’t let it be like this between us.” Funbi pleaded.

Cait just shook her head sadly and said, “you fucked up mom. You did, real…..bad.” With that she left, not giving a shit about the tears she saw streaming down her mother’s cheeks. Hot beverage won’t do this time. A vacation from all the drama around her life was what she needed. 

For the second time in her life, someone she loved with all her heart had hurt her deeply. Why can’t my life be simple like everybody else? I’m so screwed. I’m a wreck. Cait thought as she boarded a bus going to Ikeja. She was going to Bunmi’s place. She didn’t know how long she will be staying there. All she knew was that she needed a break from all these complicated situations around her. My life sucks! Can’t I just be happy? Don’t I deserve love?! I thought you loved me mom. Cait spoke inwardly as the bus began to move. She wanted to cry but the fact that she had people around her prevented her from doing so. She replayed the event over and over again until she finally got to her busstop and alighted.

She was still in deep thoughts when she was about to cross to another road to board a taxi that would take her to Bunmi’s. She didn’t realise a car was moving on the road. Her head wasn’t there, she was just like a walking zombie. Thankfully the driver took control of his car as fast as possible or he would have knocked her down.

The sudden stop of a car in front her brought Cait back to the present that she jolted. “Thank you Jesus!” She said loudly with her palms placed on her erratically beating chest. She saw the driver pack the car and stepping out of it was Derrick, who was now coming towards her. She was going to apologise to whoever was driving the car but realising who it was, Cait just scowled.

“What were you thinking Cait? You could have been hit for goodness sake.” Derrick spoke calmly which was rather odd. She expected him to yell at her. He had also not called her ‘Miss Coker’. And for some unknown reason she found herself loving the sound of her name from his mouth. She wanted to call him Derrick too, but thought better of it.

“Don’t you have a conference to attend Mr. Falana?” Cait waved his question by asking him a question. She remembered she had scheduled a conference for her boss. It was to hold at Ikeja so she supposed that was where Derrick was headed.

Derrick waved her question as well. “Get into the car. I’m taking you to wherever you are going to. I won’t have you running into every vehicle on the road.”

Cait thought she heard concern in his voice as she spoke. But then, she remembered the event that had happened earlier in her office. Concern my ass!
“That won’t be necessary. Besides you have a conference to attend. You wouldn’t want to be late.” She said.

“Get into the car Cait, or I will carry you into it myself!”

“Haha he is back.” Cait said sarcastically before entering the car defeated. She didn’t know him well enough but it was obvious he would carry her if she didn’t listen.

Derrick was willing to drive her to wherever she was going. He had seen some pain and sadness in her eyes even though she tried to put on some confident exterior. She had looked vulnerable and at that point he had wanted to hold and tell her that everything was going to be alright. He knew something was wrong. He had first thought it was about being fired but looking at her with his inner eye, he knew it was more than that. He wasn’t the type to give a damn about a girl’s feelings or whatever was going on in her life. But for some reason, he found himself attracted to this one. All of a sudden he didn’t just want to have her in his bed, he wanted to get to know her. He wanted to know what would make her walk on a road despite sighting a moving vehicle on it.

They finally arrived her destination and Cait didn’t waste time lingering to say a thank you. She didn’t ask for his help, he forced it on her.
“Cait!” Derrick called as she was about to leave the car. She stopped and turned to him as he continued. “Whose house is this?” Derrick had asked because he wanted to find out if it was a man’s house.
Cait contemplated answering him and decided to reply because she knew he would not let her go until she answered.
“It’s friend’s house.”

“And who is this friend. A guy? A lady?” Derrick asked, not giving a damn about how he might be sounding at the moment

Cait cocked her head to one side, gave Derrick a confused look, sighed and finally said, “ugh! My friend is a lady. Her name is Bunmi!” She said harshly and went for the handle of the door of the car ready to leave.

“Chill….just one more thing before you go”. Derrick said, placing his palm on her lap. She looked down at his hand and looked at his face with a frown.
Derrick cared less whether she found it uncomfortable or not, and continued to speak. ” Cait…..” His voice was quite hoarse as he spoke, looking at her directly in the eye. “Don’t ever do what you did on the road again. I…I don’t want to lose you. Please.”
Cait just looked at the man in front of her. She was confused. He sounded like he was speaking from the deepest side of his heart.

“You can go now!” Derrick said brusquely, interrupting her thought and starting the car at the same time, as if he had not just caressed her with his words.


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