Cait watched as he drove. All she could do as the car became less visible was to shake her head, mutter “weird bastard” and sigh. She had bigger issues on her neck than to dwell on Derrick. With that, she turned to the gate of B’s house. The gateman, Cornelius, opened the gate and as usual he was happy to see Cait. 

“Ahhh Aunty Cait. How body? You just dey fine everyday shaaa.” He was rubbing his pot belly with his palm as he spoke with a wide grin on his face, which showed a half tooth in his set of teeth. Cait knew what it meant. It meant he needed tips. She just gave him a tight smile and left shaking her head again. That man needed to be replaced or he would open the gate to thieves, considering his love for tips. She knocked on the door of the entrance door and was greeted by the house maid, Fatima

“Good Afternoon Aunty Cait. Aunty Bunmi is upstairs. Je ki bayin gbe bagi yin”(let me help you with your bag). 

“Don’t worry about it” Cait said having seen Fatima’s hands to be wet. The lady was probably busy.

Cait went to the small parlor upstairs and found her friend, but she was not alone. Shit! She had forgotten Chinwe was on leave. Been on leave for him meant he left Ibadan―the state he works―and comes to Lagos to spend time with the love of his life. Cait felt bad for coming at this time. She wished she could turn back but the couple had already seen her.

“Cait! Hey!” B exclaimed in excitement giving her a hug. She continued, “Anything the matter?” She asked for she had seen the duffel bag.

Cait gave a shrug and replied, “I’m sorry for coming at this time B. I had forgotten Chinwe was around”. She paused, gave an apologetic smile to both of them, and continued. “Can I stay for a few days B? I can’t be at home right now.”

B got the hint. Her friend couldn’t tell her what was wrong in front of her fiancè. They would talk about it later. “Ok dear, pick any room of your choice. And stop apologising. You didn’t ruin anything ok?” B said with a sympathetic look. Whatever it was that’s up with Cait, she knew it wasn’t good. She would wait till tomorrow morning and let her friend spill her guts. For now, she should probably sleep on it.

With that Cait greeted Chinwe and left the palour for the love birds.

*            *            *

The Next Day

Cait was still asleep when she heard someone knocking at the bedroom door. She thought it was her mom, but later realised she wasn’t in her home. She had come here as some sort of refuge and a place to have a sabbatical. She opened the door stretching and yawning. She hadn’t slept well at night. And what makes it absurd to her was that Derrick was the reason. She thought she would be in a puddle if tears, sobbing over her mom’s betrayal. Instead, she kept reminiscing her encounter with her ex-boss’ son. He had been so sweet to her and each time she thought about the way her name sounded from her mouth, she had flip flops in her stonach. Arrgh what’s wrong with me?! She had said those words repeatedly till she fell asleep. She didn’t want to lust over any man or have flip flops or whatever. She was supposed to be tearing her eyes out for goodness sake. To make matter’s worse, each time she closed her eyes, she saw his handsome face. It was a pleasant dream but Cait didn’t want it to be so, so she would rather refer to it as a night mare. 

“You don’t look like you’ve had enough sleep” B said as Cait opened the door staggering somewhat, like she was drunk.

“Well yeah….something like that.” Cait mumbled a reply.

“I will come back later then, maybe after work. You should probably get more rest.”

Cait became alert all of a sudden. She didn’t want to sleep, she would only see Derrick if she did. “Noo! That’s not necessary. Let’s have our talk now.”

“Ok!” B finally said, anxiety evident in her voice. She couldn’t hide it any longer. She had been trying to be patient and slow when what was on the tip of her tongue was “tell me what’s up joor!”

Cait didn’t know how to explain her predicament. So she took a deep sigh, scoffed hard, and began the story of a second betrayal. After listening to her friend, Bunmi lost all her giddiness. Even though Cait didn’t shed a single tear as she spoke, she knew the girl was in pain. She didn’t know the words to say that might soothe her friend’s mind at the moment.

“You don’t have to say anything B.” Cait said, breaking Bunmi’s thoughts. “You should be on your way to work, you are running late. Don’t worry about me.” Cait continued with a forced smile. She didn’t want soneone mulling over her. She just wanted to talk to someone, that’s all.

“Ok dear. I will see you in the evening.” Bunmi replied, giving Cait a friendly squeeze on her shoulder, that says, I’m here for you, anytime.

*             *             *
Four Hours Later,

Cait had dozed off immediately Bunmi left for work. She had needed more sleep indeed. Waking up now, she felt better and really hungry. She didn’t eat or drink anything through out yesterday and now she was facing the consequences. As she set forth to go to the kitchen to check out what she could get into her stomach, Cait saw the man she saw in her dreams sitting in the living room.
“I’m I day dreaming right now. What is wrong with me!” Cait shouted in frustration. She was tired of seeing Derrick. She was tired of having feelings she cannot explain, whenever she saw that face. It was like he was sent to haunt her.

“Cait, are you okay baby?” Derrick said touching and rubbing her arm in a caressing manner. Cait hadn’t seen him move. She had been busy warding him off in her head.

It took her some minutes to reply, due to the fact she was busy savoring his exquisite facial features. He had asked her those questions with concern his voice, just as he did yesterday. And that pulled her closer to him. Hearing him talk in that manner tend to tug her heart. It made her want to bury her face in his chest and cry all her pain away. She finally came back from her reverie, shook her hand from his sweet grasp and answered him icily.
“What are you doing here?!”


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