As those words came out of her mouth, Cait regretted it immediately. She hadn’t brushed her teeth or had her bath. Her crazily full hair were looking really unkept like some mad scientist. She wasn’t dressed properly. All she had on was her short silky night gown and she was also bra-less.

Oh his eyes had had a fill of her quite alright. It was obvious she just got out of bed and her eyes looked a little squinty, thus making her extra cute. Her spooky full hair made her look like those models on runway shows with crazy but beautuful hair. Damn! He loved her hair and he really wanted to feel it. He had however not looked at her chest. Her face was what had been in his head and in his dream, since yesterday. He couldn’t explain what he was doing in the house without sounding silly. How was he going to tell her that he just wanted to see her face again? The fact that that was what made him come here even made him angry. When did he start missing a woman? They were all sex toys to him but this particular one, this stunning witch, he could not explain. He found her mysterious and that made him curious. Curious to want to know her in and out. He was losing his mind.

“Well…..” Derrick was busy scratching his non-itching head as he began to answer her question. “I ju…..”
“Never mind.” Cait interrupted in a low voice. She was not feeling comfortable standing in front of him nearly naked, with a stinky breath and a haggard look. She turned away from him and went back upstairs. She was no longer hungry. What concerned her at the moment was looking presentable for Derrick. And oh…. how she hated that feeling. She wanted to fight it, but she couldn’t and that made her hate him the more. She hated men for goodness sake. But this block-headed man won’t just leave her alone! And for some reason she loved it a little. He called after her as she left for her room to change into something better but she didn’t dare look back at that gorgeous face.

Derrick sat on a sofa waiting for Cait. I should just leave. He thought. But he couldn’t seem to find the zeal to stand up. “I’m losing my mind.” He said to no one but himself. He was still busy musing over the witch upstairs that had kept him waiting for over ten minutes when a man walked in.

The man looked like he was familiar with the place. The way the housemaid greeted him also made it look like it. This made Derrick mad!! Cait had lied. She said this was a girlfriend’s house but here, in front of him, was a dude, who was now giving him a look that says,  “who are you and what can I do for you?” He wanted to crush the man’s skulls. He was on the edge of going berserck, because all he could think about as he looked at the man was the fact that his Cait, yes! his Cait, was already taken by another man. It was a foolish thing to ache for her after all. He scoffed loudly as his head was in a myriad of thoughts, not minding the man giving him a questioning look.

As if on cue, Cait came downstairs, meeting two men facing each other without speaking. “Chinwe, hey.” Cait said with a smile, acknowledging the man standing in front of Derrick.

Derrick got further angry. She had smiled while she greeted the fair looking man she had called Chinwe, but she had never ever smiled at him before. He gritted his teeth trying to compose himself.

“Is this man a friend of yours Cait?” Chinwe asked, gesturing towards Derrick.

“No, he isn’t, but I know him.” Cait replied, facing Derrick with a frown.

“Ok, that should do it.” With that, Chinwe went towards the stairs.” As he was about to take a step on the stairs, he shouted his words that Cait might hear, “I got you the chocolates Cait. You will find it among the things Fatima packed to the kitchen.” Having said that, he started for the stairs.

That was the last straw for Derrick. He stood up and started for the door.
“Where are you going?” Cait asked.
“I’m going to work, the place I left to come see you. This was a mistake.” Derrick answered grimly and left.

As icy as those words sounded, Cait detected hurt in his voice. She didn’t understand what just happened and her eyes began to water. Not because she felt sorry for him, but because she didn’t want him to leave. She found herself missing him and at that realization, a tear slid down her cheek. She went to re-arrange her previous look for him. All for what? All for him to leave. Her stomach grumbled at that point, reminding her that she was hungry.


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