Derrick hadn’t left the house he just dashed out from. He was in front of the gate, sitting in his beautiful Toyota and cursing. He couldn’t count the number of times he had said ‘bitch’ in the past 30 or 40 minutes. He didn’t know how long he had been sitting there.
When he had left the building, he was furious at Cait. However, right now, he was angry at himself. He was angry that he wasn’t behaving the way he should. He was upset about these alien feelings. They made him feel like he was losing it. What am I still doing here. He thought with a scoff. This was exactly the problem. Cait made him do and feel things he could not explain. He needed to get rid of her. And the best way was to get laid. With that decision, he started the car. And just then, the source of his brooding came out of the house- Cait.
Seeing her, he stopped whatever he was about to do and took time to admire her features through the mirror of the car. He noticed that she looked different. She now had a little eye shadow on her eyes, and her pink lips were now red. The only thing that wasn’t different was the giant frown she always had on her face whenever she saw him.

Cait needed to clear her head, thus decided to take walk. While she had her meal, her head went through a myraid of thoughts, trying to understand why she was acting silly. She wanted to understand why she had cried at the thought of missing someone she barely knew. Worst of all, she wanted to know why Derrick got to her. Why she hated him and wanted him at the same time. Why she was even thinking of a man. She had closed her heart to men for years. But this particular man was beginning to intrude. She hated this, she hated it so much.

Derrick was busy having a fantasy of how he could help her clean the lipstick on her lips until those lips drew blood, when Cait spoke. “What are you still doing here?”

“Was that your boyfriend?” Derrick replied, making her a little confused.

“Pardon?” Cait said, trying to understand the weird dude in front of her.

“The guy that got you chocolates or whatever. Is he your boyfriend? He is the owner of this house isn’t it? huh?” Derrick said with anger and disgust, that were not towards her but towards him. He felt like a desperate person who just wants a little hope that he still had a chance with the beautiful lady he was now gripping.

“De….de…rick. My hand, pl….”

“Say my name again!” Derrick interrupted Cait’s protest concerning his hard grip of her wrist. He even seemed to tighten it at the moment.

Instead of obeying his command, a tear fell on Cait’s cheek, which seemed to bring Derrick back to his senses. He quickly let go of her hand, jolted from his car and hugged his Cait.
“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry baby.” He said over and over, caressing her shoulder with his palm.

Cait let him. She felt safe in his arms. His voice seemed to soothe her. As he kept apologising and calling her baby with that voice that got to undo her, Cait realised that she wasn’t crying because of the pain of his grip anymore. Rather, she was tearing her eyes over her mom’s betrayal. Out of their volition, her arms were gathered around his waist, and she wept and wept.

Derrick also felt that she was now crying for something else. Her sobs seemed not to stop. So, he took her with him, into the back-seat of the car. There, he placed her on his lap and began to pet her like a child. Cait then began to slowly seat upright, still on his lap. She looked at him straight in the eye and said, “Derrick?”

“Yes baby?” He answered

“Derrick?” Cait said again, her breathing becoming more audible.

Immediately, Derrick read her, he knew what she was asking for. With that, he wasted no time as he bent his head and kissed her mouth. Just as he imagined some minutes ago, he was going to clean the lipstick off her lips, until they drew bloood.


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