They were at each other’s mouth for minutes. Although she was the instigator, Cait had let him lead the kiss. This was her first kiss, so she felt she would probably perform worse than an amateur. She got the hang of it later anyway. Right now, she was holding his face in her palms, and devouring his lips.

Derrick wanted to do more than kiss. He wanted to pull off the barrier between them―her clothes―but he just couldn’t. He didn’t want her to stop kissing him. Going beyond tying their tongues together might disrupt what they were doing at the moment.

Unfortunately however, Derrick still broke the kiss. He didn’t want to, but he had had to. He wanted to confirm if she had a boyfriend indeed. The kiss had brought a new understanding to him. He dawned on him that he was having feelings for her. That he actually wanted to date her.
“Cait….” He started rubbing his knuckles gently in a up-and-down motion on her cheek as he called her name.

No answer.

“Cait?” This time he said sharply because he just realised the woman he was talking to wasn’t really there. She looked like she was day dreaming, just as he had seen her behave earlier.

Cait was indeed day-dreaming. She was busy reminiscing her first kiss. I just had my first kiss. She said in her head. She licked her lips still savoring the taste of Derrick’s lips. She hadn’t heard him call her name until the second time, which seemed to make her sane again. On that note, she jolted from his lap. She was however not fast enough―Derrick had caught her by the arm before she could succeed at leaving the car.

“What the hell Cait!” Derrick said as he struggled to keep her on his lap. She was wiggling here and there with futile efforts, trying to get away from him. She was acting like insanely but didn’t care.
She finally stopped her unproductive protests and buried her face in her palm. This seemed to amuse Derrick.

“Aww, little missy is shy huh?” He said teasingly making Cait peek at him, through her fingers.
She tried to prevent him from taking her palms off her face, by clasping them harder.
“HAHAHAHA Ca…i….t…..” Derrick laughed rather hysterically at her. The girl was cracking him up.So Miss Unfazed, Miss. Mean Stare could behave like  this? Like a very cute kiddo. He thought through his laughs.

Cait looked at him as he mocked her and found herself smiling at him. She smiled shyly, still abashed in regards to their just concluded make-out session.

Seeing her smile brought his teasing to a halt. Her smile made him trip for her all over again. With that he devoured her lips again. And as he attended to her mouth, he made some decisions. He wasn’t going to let her go. He was in love with this woman, every shade of her. He loved her smile, he love her scowl, he loved her shyness, he loved everything about her.

Cait kissed him back as well. A warning bell in her head kept advising her to stop. It kept reminding her of her unfaithful father. It kept reminding her of her long-time decision to prevent men from entering into her heart. She however seemed not to listen. She kept enjoying the feel of his lips on hers.

“Cait.” Derrick broke their kiss again, making Cait let out a breath of frustration. He continued all the same. “Was that guy your man, Cait?”

“Chinwe? Ugh! No he isn’t. That’s my friend’s boyfriend. In fact, that’s her fiance. And about the chocolates, that was all B. He had dropped her at work in the morning, thenwent to the market to get some things on her behalf. She had requested that he got some choc for me.” Cait explained more than she should, unabashed. She just wanted to get all the facts straightened out for him as soon as possible, and get back to their make-out.

Derrick responded with an overly gay smile on his face and got out of the car carrying Cait on the same level she had sat while in the car.

“Err…..what are you doing?” Cait asked with a puzzled look.

Derrick placed her on the passenger seat in front, ran into the driver’s side of the car and said riantly, “You will see”. With that, he took off with her.


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