LOST: 10


“Err….Derrick, please where are you taking me to? Cait asked with a pleading voice at last. They have been on the road for thirty minutes now, and Derrick hadn’t said a word or replied any of her questions. She had shouted her words at him for for those minutes that her throat were beginning to ache. “Derrick, for the umpteenth time, where are we going.?”

Still no answer.

Cait found it creepy. But as creepy as it looked, she realised that she wasn’t scared. It was almost as though she trusted him. OH NO. NO NO NO NO NO. Cait shook her head in a left-right motion as realisation dawned on her. She was beginning to trust a guy. This is bad. She said inwardly. I fucked up. She said again. She shouldn’t have kissed him. Ugh, he took advantage of me. I was in a vulnerable position. Cait tried to convince herself, but knew it was all lies. She had instigated the kiss for goodness sake. She certainly can’t blame him for that. But it’s not like I placed my lips on his first. He did. Cait tried convincing herself again. Then, another voice in her head said, “durrhh he is a guy. What do you expect? Like you didn’t like it. Like you are not missing those lips right now. Shiiioo. It was indeed the truth, she was missing those lips. This was not how she had planned her life. Ever since she witnessed the worst family drama of her life, Cait had set her life on a particular path. No boys. No marraige. Get rich. And die. However, a lot was beginning to change. She currently has no job to even start thinking about getting rich. She was also now having feelings for a guy.

“Arrrrrgghh!” Cait finally groaned alloud.
The source of her current predicament didn’t even seem like he heard her. He kept driving.

“Son of a bitch.” Cait mumbled and sagged on the car seat in defeat.
And just then, Derrick muttered rather too loudly, “And…..we are here!”

The gate to a house opened and the car drove in. In front of Cait was a beautiful bungalow. From the look of it, the building cost more than Cait’s rented duplex. It was so exquistely sophisticated. Damn! She loved his style. The house wasn’t a mansion, but it looked like it was worth more than some mansions. She finally tore her gaze from the house and looked at Derrick, who had been watching her reaction. He had found it pleasing, making him anxious to show her inside.

“Wow.” Cait said.

“I’m glad you like it.” Derrick replied. He had had the bungalow for some years and never used it. He acquired it while he was abroad. He had it cleaned throughly on Sunday. The reason for doing that was to have the oppurtunity to have as many girls as he wanted in his bed. His dad wouldn’t condone such attitude under his roof. So he had decided that he would spend some nights or days here, that his ‘business’ run smoothly. However, less than an hour ago, a girl had changed his mind. She had made him fall in love with her. He barely knew her, but it was okay by him. He knew she had sone skeletons in her cupboard and wanted to re-open them with her. Less than an hour ago, that girl had made him change his decision. She had made him want no other girl in his bed, but her. She had turned him into a love sick puppy.

He brought here on purpose. He wanted her to be the first to know about his house, and maybe later today or in future, she would be the one to consumate every part of it. More importantly, he wanted them to have a talk. He needed to know her. She was in pain, he could feel it. He just couldn’t help it. He wanted to ease her pain away forever.

Cait took a tour of the house with Derrick by her side. After that, they went to a little bar room in the house. Derrick offered her a glass of water as she had requested, while he drank a carton of hollandia yogurt.
Cait cocked her head to the side, as she saw what he was drinking. The guy had shelves filled with all kinds of wine. There were a lot of alcoholic drinks but he chose hollandia. She blinked at him in confusion.

Derrick freed her from her puzzled state, sensing her unasked question. “You see, I don’t take most of these drinks. but I have them anyway, you know for guests and all.” He explained.

“Oh….” Cait said nodding her head.

“Can’t blame you for being surprised. We don’t really know each other do we? Derrick asked rhetorically and continued. “That’s why I’ve brought you here, Cait. I would like to know you more.

No answer from Cait.

“Cait?” He called her.

“Yeah Derrick I heard you okay, I heard. It just sounds awkward you know. You drove all the way just to talk, just to get to know me. Very funny.” Cait replied haughtily.

“Exactly. Look baby, I know something is wrong. This might sound silly but Cait, I can feel it ok? And it breaks me to know, but don’t really know that you are hurting. Or that I can’t do anything about it.” So, yeah I brought you here because whether you like it or not, I. Want. To. Know. You can’t run dear. If I have to lock you, I will. If I had asked you at your friend’s you would have had the luxury of running off on me. But baby,” he moved from where he was to Cait, placed his hands on her shoulders, looked at her straight in the eye and continued. “you can’t run here. This is my house. You don’t look like you have any money on you to get back home. So, you either talk or you are going to be spending the night here.”


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