Beautiful Connivers


The female sex is one intelligent beauty. They are conniving without even trying.
Here are a few instances to explain my point:

― You see a male-friend you don’t quite ‘like’, who asks you for a hug. Then you reply, “awwn I’m so sorry dear, I can’t. Got make-up on my face, wouldn’t wanna stain your shirt”. Lol, like all hugs must require you pressing your face on his chest. Thank you Iman.

― You are about to cross over a gutter, then you see a guy you’ve been secretly admiring and dying to talk to, pass by. It is then you realise you are wearing a pencil skirt and find that it impedes your movement. Then, you are like, “uhmmm hey! Do you mind? Can you help me cross over this?” Haha! The power of skirts.

― Or your earrings mistakenly gets hooked with a thread on a guy’s shirt- your crush. While he tries to take it off as soon as possible and as gentle as he can, you are like ‘aww, aww, take it easy, it hurts·” While in your mind you are like “mmm you smile nice, please take your time.” LOL, those earrings tho.

― And the worst of all. One men
still find quite difficult to understand, is the drama ladies cause as a result of their periods. It is then we have the chance to vent even about the slightest thing. Or the oppurtunity to eat all the chocolates or various cravings, without being insulted of not watching your weight.

LOL. Shout out to all ladies. Everything works together for your good.Three words- YOU ARE AWESOME.


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