LOST: 12


The man watched with great curiosity. There was a man beside her. They were entering Bunmi’s home together. She looked quite different than he had known her to be. Like she was happier, he couldn’t nail it but he knew it had to do with the guy at her side. She had a man’s shirt on, and a pair of leggings. Hmmm looks like Cait was moving on. Of all his watch-dog life of Cait, never had he seen her with a man. He knew who the dude was. Bunmi’s gateman―one of his informants―had told him what he could gather from yesterday. Cornelius had told him about how a man named Derrick, had come visiting Cait and left angry. Corn had also briefed him of the fact that the Derrick guy never left. He talked about their make-out session, for he spied on them. And how Cait, who supposedly was to take a walk and clear her head, had ended up going home or wherever with Derrick. What they were doing together was the least of his concerns. The deed was already done, and sooner or later, Cait was going to find out. Money had made him do it. Money was going to make him do it again. This time, to Cait. Just a few weeks, just a few weeks. The man thought as he gave a sinister laugh.

They called him THE BEAST in school and he loved that name. He always frowned. He wasn’t handsome and he knew it. His muscled bulky frame and his money, helped him with the girls. He and his boys had Killed, raped, and kidnapped for money.  Not because he was broke―his parents were rich―but because he always wanted more money. However, with the money they would get from Cait’s extinction, they would need not to worry anymore. They wouldn’t worry about wanting more for years, because they were going to have enough.

Money, money, money. Money turned the heads of men. He remembered the day he approached Cornelius and asked that he spy on Cait whenever she visited her friend. He thought he was going to have to kill the man if he refused or did anything stupid. Surprisely and rather fortunate for him, Corn had coincided without an argument. He thought Bunmi hired the worst gateman in history! Fatima―the housemaid―was the worst. She doesn’t need a bribe to start blabbing about her madam. Her amebo game was strong. So, she became the source of some of Cornelius’ information.

*               *               *

Cait savoured the scent of Derrick with his shirt on her. He had insisted she put it on because he didn’t want her wearing the clothes she had worn to bed. She was allowed to keep her leggings though. She aware of him carrying her to sleep but didn’t protest. She was too exhausted to do so, and she also loved being carried in his arms. He had insisted he followed her home as some sort of moral support. She had insisted he went to work. He however shrugged it off that he wasn’t a workaholic like his dad. “My dad or myself do not to be present. There are directors who can handle the company if I went on a year’s sabbatical. Trust me.” He had said. He didn’t want her going through anything alone. He had not said those exact words but she knew. She knew he cared for her. She felt happier than she had ever been. She also knew it was because he was in her life. That day when he brutally fired her, she had thought he was from the devil but now she saw him as light sent by God to overshadow her darkened heart. There were here to pick up her belongings. Bunmi was going to ask about who he was but explanation would be done at a later time. Her friend must be worried, Cait knew. She hadn’t left with her phone so whatever calls B had made were pratically void. Everyone thought she was going for a walk, but she never returned. So, she wouldn’t be surprised if B went all crazy.

And she was right.

“Cait!!” B jumped from her seat and ran to hug her friend. She was asking a lot of questions as to wher Cait has been, what happened, bla bla bla. She was talking too fast and too much. Cait let her. After she was done with her frantic talk, she finally noticed Derrick.

“Uhmmm…..who is this?” She asked Cait.

“This is Derrick”

“Derrick? The man that fired you Derrick?”

“Yep, the man that fired me Derrick.” Cait echoed.

“I don’t understand. What’s he…”

Cait cut in, “Look B, we will talk about it later ok? I just came to get my bags. I need to be home right now. Got something to tell my mom. I promise to give you a call okay?”

“Okay.” B said with a sigh of disappointment. As always, she was eager to know.

They were out of the house in no time. They had just left the gate when Cait halted and turned back to look at Derrick who had been tailing her like a puppy fond of his master.

“Why have you been behind me since we left the house. If I wasn’t wearing this big shirt of yours, I would have thought you were checking out my ass.” She said, her hands going all akimbo.

Derrick gave her that wide grin that seemed to melt her heart before replying. “You see..” He moved closer to her and lifted her chin that she gazed directly into his eyes. “It’s actually because of the shirt. I like you in my shirt. And I will love to see you in more of them.” He said with a wink and immediately bent his head to give her a kiss on the nose. She was too cute.

He was lifting his head when Cait said “Kiss me on the lips.” She didn’t know where the confidence came from. But it came anyway. Derrick wasted no time. He did her bidding. This time he kissed her with hunger. Cait felt it and loved it so much that she moaned.

She shouldn’ t have moaned because at that sound, Derrick pushed her to the body of the car, kissing her roughly. He was lifting one of her legs and encirling them on his waist. Was he going to take her outside? This wasn’t Cait’s wish of how she was going to lose her virginity. He was going all primal, not minding the fact that they were in public.

She broke the kiss, and spoke in between gasping for air. The guy kissed so well. “Derrick? We should get going don’t you think?”

*               *               *

The man watched from the mirror of his car and grunted. “Horny mofos.” He said. She should enjoy it while it lasted, for in a few weeks she would be dead. He quickly texted Corn. He needed to know where they were headed.

The Man: “Where are they off to?” There was no need for introduction, Corn knew who was texting.

Cornelius: She dey go see her mama.

That was all he needed to know. The man drove off with a wicked giggle.

*               *               *

Cait arrived home meeting the gate of her house ajar. As she got down from the car, she saw three men in suits come out of the house. Weird. She thought. She went inside with Derrick by her side. Something was off, she could feel it. As she approached the door of the living room she heard sobbing sounds. She opened the door and saw her mom looking thoroughly haggard wailing so bad, all the veins in her forehead seemed like they wanted to burst. There were four more men in suits inside the house. They were all seated with sullen looks on their faces


No answer.

“Mom?” This time Cait called out kneeling next to her ma.

“Cait? Cait? Ah….Cait……” That was all Funbi said for she went back to her wailing with her head buried on her daughter’s shoulder.

Cait consoled her mom while she faced the ‘suit men’.
“Can someone please tell me what’s going on here?”

One of them spoke up.
“If I may madam, I suppose you are Miss Coker.” He paused as if whatever he was going to say next was too difficult for him to utter.

“Yes?” Cait encouraged.

The ‘suit man’ cleared his throat before he continued. “Miss Coker it’s saddening to break to you that your father was found dead in a ghastly motor accident yesterday.”

At that point, the world stood still.


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