LOST: 14


“Daddy why…Daddy you are leaving for good this time?”

Derrick left the door ajar, not caring to lock it anymore as he heard Cait whimpering and talking in her sleep. She was having a bad dream.
“No……! Please….please don’t go….. Please don’t leave me. Daddy…” He heard her say as he shook her from her slumber. Tears immediately fell from her eyes as she woke up. Registering her environment with her moist eyes, she threw herself on Derrick’s shoulder, weeping.

“I can’t believe he’s dead.” She said in between tears. Derrick was on his knees―the position he had been when he had rushed to her―patting her back, trying to console. She cried for a good five minutes before standing up abruptly and wiping her tears forcefully with the back of her palms.

“I shouldn’t cry for him. He doesn’t deserve my tears. He left me. He left my mom.” She said bitterly, but there was a lack of convinction in her words.

“Yes he hurt you, but he didn’t deserve to die dear. And it’s okay to cry okay? He was your father. And Cait?”

Yeah?” Cait looked up at him new tears streaming down her eyes.

Derrick went towards her, bringing her head to his chest, before saying whatever it is he wanted to say.
“It’s okay if you still love him. That’s the humanity in man baby.” With that Cait burst into tears the more.

“I don’t want to miss him, but I do. It sucks doesn’t it?.”

“No, it doesn’t.” Derrick replied, wiping her tears with a handkerchief he retrieved from his pocket. He was leading her to the bedroom when her stomach growled loudly in hunger, which caused her to be a little embarrassed.

“C’mon, you must be hungry.” Derrick looked at her with a wide grin, while they made a detour to the dinning room.

“You know baby, you should have made something for yourself while I was gone.” He said as he began breaking spagetti―for both of them―into the boiling water.

“Do you call every girl baby?”

Derrick was first dumbfounded by the question. She threw him off balance.
“What prompted the question?” He asked, recovering from his shock.

“I don’t know, you keep calling me baby. It’s sorta awkward you know, it’s not like we are involved or something.”

Derrick was angry with what she just said. It’s not like we are involved or something? Wow. Way to go Cait. He didn’t want her to know how much are words were hurting him, so he turned back to his cooking, applying seasonings as he spoke.
“I would stop calling you that if that’s what you want. I’m sorry for ever calling you that.”

As much as he make his anger oblivious to her, Cait still sensed it in his words. She didn’t want him to stop calling her baby. She loved it whenever he called her baby. She didn’t even know why she asked. She had been admiring his back while he was busy with their dinner. She had been tripping and falling for him all over again. And then she had remembered the fact that he was a womanizer like he had told her on her last visit. That probably prompted her question. She had asked more out of jealousy than curiosity. She loved hearing him call her baby, but she wasn’t ready to give him the satisfaction of that. So, she decided not to reply him. They ate in silence. When they were done with their meals and Cait saw that she couldn’t contain the awkwardness anymore, she began to search her brain for something to say. Her gaze flickered to the wall clock and saw that it was eleven in the night, which meant that Derrick probably came home at most, two hours ago.

“Why did you come back so late? You said you were going be back soon.” She asked irascibly, angry at the fact that she had to be the first to break the silence.

Derrick raised a brow, looking at her like she’s crazy.
“None of your business. Last I checked we are not involved” He said those last words with his fingers doing the quotation sign.
“So, I don’t owe you an explanation.” He continued with a shrug before taking his plate to the sink, leaving hers.

Cait was furious and quite dazed at at his reply.
“Have you lost your mind?!” She barked at him.

Derrick replied with a grunt and a shake of his head, walking past her.

“Derrick! Derrick! Don’t walk away from me! What the hell is wrong with you?!” She yelled at him as she followed him to his room.

Derrick finally turned back as he got to the door of his room.
“What is wrong with me? Cait, you looked told to my face that we aren’t involved. So, after all our kissing and romance we are not involved? Might have as well told me to go to hell. You know I never took you for a friends with benefit kind of girl, and you know it!” He paused.
Shaking his head in regret, he continued, “I love you Cait. What a mistake. Damn, I love you.” As he said those last words, he went towards her grabbing her and pushing her to the door, and right there, he devoured her mouth.

Cait was writhing with pleasure on the door, kissing him back. Her senses told her to stop the kiss. It told her to run. She shouldn’t be kissing him. The dude was in love with her and that was bad bad for her. She shouldn’t have ever kissed him. Ever. She didn’t want a man in her life. Men were liars as far as she was concerned, no ‘forever’ in their dictionary. But whenever she was with Derrick, she seemed not to think, she just acts. He made her vulnerable, and that wasn’t good for her. And again, right this moment, she wasn’t thinking. She was enjoying the moment, not caring about the consequences. Her body was responding to his kissing, his touching, his loving. She was stil enthralled in his kisses when he pushed open the room door and dumped both of them on his bed. He tore her blouse from her body in one swift movement of his hand, and in what seemed like seconds, Cait was in nothing but her underwear. Her brain registered what was about to happen, it screamed for her to run but her body betrayed her, winning againt her brain. And there, she gave herself totally to Derrick.

*               *               *

Adewale Coker, a.k.a Cait’s step brother, a.k.a The Beast, sat on a couch waiting for the third of his boys to come to the meeting he had set up. Just when he was about to call his line, he strode in.

“Ike! What’s you problem! You are late, as usual.” Wale barked on seeing him. The dude was probably busy screwing some girl before coming here. He was a pretty boy, the prettiest of the trio―The Beast and his boys―and used his handsome face to his advantage, rather too much.

“Sorry man, was tied up in something―”

“Whatever! I’m not interested in whatever it is you have to say.” The Beast silenced him, gesturing for him to take a seat.

Going to the business of the day, he cleared his throat before he spoke, an habit which had seemed to stick with him.
“There’s been a change of plans boys. We can’t wait till wednesday to take her down anymore. It has to be today.” The Beast said, glancing at his expensive gold wrist-watch, which stated that it was exactly 12:15 am on Tuesday.

He seemed not have finished talking and neither Felix nor Ike pressed him to continue. They had learnt a long time ago that he hated being interrupted. He pauses his speeches when he felt like, continues when he felt like, and ends when he deemed fit.

“The lawyer won’t be arriving the country on Friday anymore, he will be coming tomorrow instead. The son of bitch just notified me yesterday. Bloody idiot. Anyways, that means we have to make the kill today, which implies no need manipulating any vehicles anymore. We will have to raid that her boyfriend’s house and take her with us to our killing base.”

With that, he stood up from the chair, and the other two followed his action.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go boys!” The Beast said cheerfully.

*               *               *

Derrick jolted from his sleep, unwraping his arms from Cait’s body. He had heard a man groan and a gunshot at the same time. Cait seemed lost to the world, she was still asleep on the bed naked with various love bites on her body.

“Cait! Cait! he shook her from her slumber.”

“Wha…..” She said groggily from sleep.


Cait became alert as he barked aggressively into her ear.

Derrick cupped her face in his hands, trying to make her focus and listen to what he was about say. “Listen to me baby. I need you to change into one of my shirts as fast as possible. And I need you to be as quiet as the dead. I think we are being robbed.”

Cait’s eyes widened, fear visible in them as she shook her head in understanding. They both hurriedly got dressed. Derrick put on just his undershirt and trousers he had on earlier. Cait wore his shirt―that had found itself on the floor, during their love making―and her pencil jeans. Together, they walked out of the room, without making a sound. Cait’s body shook with fear, as she followed Derrick from behind, who seemed to be acting calm in this terrifying situation. Derrick stopped at the passage leading to the living room when he heard footsteps and voices.

“Felix, you go east, Ike, go west, while I guide the door. They probably woulda heard the gunshot, don’t want her escaping.” Derrick and Cait heard one of them say. Whoever it was, seemed to be their leader. And Cait was his target. Seemed like it wasn’t a robbery after all. East meant the kitchen/bar room area, while west meant the guest rooms and for a minute, Derrick thanked God Cait had spent the night in his room instead of any of the other rooms. He had planned for them to escape through the other kitchen door―which could serve as an entrance door to the house―while they escaped in his car. Derrick clutched his car keys in his palm and he and Cait made a detour back to his room. Getting to his room, he saw his phone on the stool, and an idea occured unto him―he was going to contact Larry, his big brother. He cursed himself inwardly for not thinking of that before. Larry had a lot of friends in the Nigerian police force and had one time given him a code to text him whenever he needed help. Derrick had laughed at his brother in his face, giving an i don’t care attitude. Now, he was thanking God for that day.

He grabbed the phone and punched the code as quickly as possible. Having done that, he moved to Cait who was still trembling and sweating from trepidation.

“Baby, I need you to jump over that window as soon as possible, and make no sound.” He said with a very low voice, cupping her cheeks again.

She nodded in response moving to the window. Derrick opened it as gently as he could with no sound, and as fast as possible. Cait jumped from the window, but her leg seemed to jerk as she landed on the floor, causing her to wince loudly in pain.

The men heard her voice and began moving towards the room. Derrick heard their footsteps, and immediately jumped from the window carrying Cait on his shoulder. He ran to his car and threw Cait in the back seat. He realised that he didn’t take the remote control for the gate with him. Remembering that Akin had one with him, Derrick ran as fast as his legs could carry him, to the gateman’s post. Akin was on the floor, in a pool of blood. Derrick didn’t spare him a glance, he just picked up the remote from the stool outside. He pressed it making the gate open as he ran to the car. Seeing hin coming, Cait quickly lifted herself from the back seat and opened the door of the driver’s side, sparing him of the trouble. Two of the men were running towards the car as well. Derrick was about to reach the car when two bullets landed on him, one on his thigh and the other on his shoulder. He kept running despite the intense pain. They musn’t get my Cait. He kept saying. He got to the car, started it immediately, and driving out of his house roughly with full speed. The two men got into their car outside the house and began chasing them.

Cait glanced back and saw the driver. Himself and his partner, had a badanna covering their mouths, making it difficult to assert their features. And then she saw the scar on the driver’s forehead. The scar seemed to escape into the badanna, like it was a really long one. Then it dawned on her, she remembered a man with that exact scar, who had come to introduce himself as her step brother while she was in the university.

“Oh my God!” She muttered, her eyes bulging out of their sockets, as she stared in horror at the man after her life.


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