LOST: 15


Cait tore her gaze from her evil half brother. There was a more pressing issue that beckoned her attention―Derrick’s bullet wounds. For someone who had a bullet on the arm and thigh, Derrick seemed to be managing the car just fine. One would think reckless driving was what he did for a living, considering how nicely, he kept overtaking their chasers. Cait spotted a traffic jam from a distance and decided that they would switch drivers there. It was only rational that she took over the driving for the wounded areas on Derrick’s skin was bleeding profusely.

“C’mon, let me take over.” Cait said, having gotten to the traffic jam area.

“Don’t worry just stay put okay. I’ve got this.” Derrick countered.

“It’s not an argument Derrick. Look at you, you are bleeding like crazy. This is no time to form any superman shit. Switch to the passengers’ and let me drive, while you try to stop the bleeding. Please, if anything happened to you, I will never forgive myself. In fact, right now, I feel responsible for all this. I put you in this position.”

Derrick knew she had a point, he needed to tend to his wounds fast! “”Okay, but Cait, it’s not your fault. I’m glad I’m here. With you. I would take a bullet for you, if that’s what keeps you alive. I love you Cait.”

Tears threatened to fall but Cait fought against it. He loves her, and she felt like he meant it, but she just couldn’t bring herself to say it back. If they made it out of this chaos alive, she would have to break up with him. She had vowed never to allow men into her heart, but here she was, falling like a wimp. I love you too, she said inwardly. The word ‘love’ seemed too big to be uttered.

As if he read her mind, Derrick looked at her and said, “You don’t have to say it back. I just wanted you to know.”

*                    *                    *

Punch! Punch! Punch!

Larry Falana gave Felix three punches on his face. The guy was already bleeding from his mouth, thanks to a broken tooth. Felix, ever the dumbest of the group, had let himself get distracted when he got to the bar room. He spotted various types of champagne, and other alcoholic drinks. If The Beast had known that there was a bar room in the east wing, he sure as hell wouldn’t have sent him to that area. The dude was a freak for liquor. My baby, he would call them. And today, his stupid addiction has gotten him into the mess he was facing now.His arms and legs have been taped to a chair, while Larry tortured him to get information from him.

“Where are they!” Larry asked for the sixth time. He had arrived Derrick’s house about fourty-five minutes ago. The police had found Felix drinking in the bar room. The dude had been taken by surprise. He had neglected his weapon on the table, while he concentrated on his drink. The police didn’t need an interrogation to know that he had a hand in the whole situation.

Larry had retired from the Nigerian army five years ago and decided to use his Masters degree in accounting to get a white collar job―prompted by the fact that he got married. His wife and two children were everything to him. So also was his baby brother, Derrick. He knew how to torture a man to get what he wants―he had done it for ten years.
“I said where are they!” He yelled at the bleeding dumbass in front of him, landing another blow on his already broken nose.

Truth be told, Felix didn’t know where they were. He however decided to tell him all what he knew. He was going to tell them everything. He couldn’t stand the pain anymore.
“Okay! Okay! I will talk. We are three, myself, Ike and Wale.”
Tanko, the head of the dispatched team―and Larry’s close friend―took notes.

Felix continued,
“We came here to get the girl, I swear. Your brother just seemed to get twisted in this situation.”

“Which girl?” Tanko asked.

“Cait.” Larry answered instead. His brother had told him about her while they were all―the Falana family―in the hospital, celebrating their father’s birthday. Derrick had told him about a girl he had fallen in love with. Larry had playfully hit him in the back and told him, “finally! You’ve found The one. Thought you are going to be chasing skirts forever. I’ve got to see this girl who’s saved my bro.” Right now, he didn’t feel like meeting her. She’s the reason Derrick was in this mess. Larry mentally kicked himself as he realised how terrible he must sound with such a thought. He would do the same for Dana―his wife, and Tanko’s sister―if he was in Derrick’s shoes. He wouldn’t want his wife to go through anything alone.

Where were you guys going to take her to?” Larry asked.

“To our killing base.”

“Where is your killing base! Don’t waste my time!” Larry barked. He had seen the blood on the floor, he didn’t know who it belonged to, but he had a sickly feeling that it was Derrick’s.

“It’s at Molete, Ibadan.”

“Let’s move boys. Some of us will be going on a search, considering that Derrick might have escaped, which means they might not be at their base. Yet. The others will be on their way to Ibadan. Dele, call one of the units at Molete and tell them to stand guard.” Larry gave orders to the team.
With that, they left, dragging a handcuffed Felix with them.

*                   *                  *

Cait swerved left/right, entering in front of cars, so as to lose Wale. There was still traffic, and she had to use that to their advantage, before it thins out.

“I don’t think we are going to outrun them forever, we are running out of gas.” Derrick said.

“So, what do you suggest?” Cait asked.

“I think we should stop the car, get out, crawl under various cars―that way we won’t not be seen―and run into that bush over there. We will try to hide out there, while I notify my brother where we are.”

“Are you sure. What about your arm and leg, doesn’t it hurt? Are you sure?” Cait asked, concerned.

“I’m sure babe. C’mon, let’s save our lives.”

They crawled under vehicles until they got to the thick bushes. This of course, was oblivious to Wale and Ike, considering the way several cars had blocked their views. They would realise soon however, when they spot an unmoving car.

And they did.
“Isn’t that their car!” Ike shouted as they passed Derrick’s car, causing them to reverse. Derrick, looking through the bushes, immediately punched Wale’s vehicle plate number, and where he was to his brother.

“C’mon, we have to keep moving.” Derrick told Cait, having seen the evil duo coming out of their car.

They made sure not to make any sound as they walked through the bushes. But then, Derrick slumped to the ground, he couldn’t go further. The bullets were going deeper into his skin, making him weak.

“Derrick!” Cait crouched beside him, worried and crying frantically. She thought he was dead, until she felt his heart beat. He had only passed out. But that didn’t seem to ease Cait, the dude was still dying. She needed to get to get help, and she needed to get it fast. She heard movement sounds. Wale was coming towards her, they must have heard the thud of Derrick’s fall. She needed to distract them, they musn’t find Derrick, they guy was already on the verge on death. She was almost on the verge of hyperventilation, due to panicked state. She needed to calm down fast, she needed to get her shit straight. She took several deep breaths to calm her nerves.

Cait look round her and picked up a stone. She threw it to a distance, and started running towards it to distract Wale and his evil partner from Derrick. Derrick’s brother should be here soon, she hoped. If he and the policemen got here in time, they would save him. He didn’t deserve to die, she had brought this upon him. So, she would have to face it alone. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Her pursuers were already closing in on her. Even before they hit her with whatever―knocking her out―she knew she was already dead meat.

*                    *                   *

Larry got to the location that had been texted to him by his brother. He tried Derrick’s line, but it wasn’t going through. Tanko had gone with the others to Ibadan, while he had gone with some of the men to find his brother.
We are in a bush along that road that leads to Ogun state. Derrick had texted.

“Arrgh!” Larry screamed in frustration, almost at the verge of tears. What if he was already dead. He thought. He couldn’t imagine having another dying family member. Right now, his mother was in the hospital praying for her husband. He remembered her face when she had seen her husband on the sick bed. She had bursted into mighty tears, out of shame, regret and love. She had neglected the man she loved all for what? To be among the thick madams.

Ring! Ring! Ring……
Larry heard a phone ring as he tried Derrick’s line again. He ran towards the direction of the ringing phone.

The ringing seemed to wake Derrick, who was now looking around the bush with half-closed lids. He was still on the ground. As he tried to move his arm, with the aim of getting up, pain shot through it like a knife. Then he remembered Cait, he remembered he had been shot and Cait was with him.

“Cait, Cait, Cait!” He couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Cait!” He yelled again, tears slipping from his eyes.


Derrick heard someone call his name. Then he turned his head with a wince and saw his brother standing behind him.

“They have her, they have her.” Derrick said weakly with tears in his eyes, before passing out again.


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