The Runaway: III


“I know you won’t use them, but take them nonetheless. You never can tell.” Maria said, tossing a mascara, an eye liner, a lipstick and Iman into Abi’s duffel bag.
Maria had supported her decision to work as a nurse.
“You’ve never fitted into Rhexas’. You are the good one my dear. Wouldn’t wanna see you tainted. Best you grab this job baby gal.” Maria had said. She was going to miss her roommate but she knew the nineteen year old lady was better off outside Rhexas’. She hadn’t witnessed the ‘robbery’ being that she was on her day off. She had been so worried about Abi. She couldn’t reach her because the girl had no phone. Seeing Abi on her doorstep two hours ago was a breather. She had jumped and hugged her, explaining her worry. They’ve only known each other for three months and have been close friends since then.

Abi didn’t protest when the makeup items landed into her bag. Maria has been putting all sorts of things inside her bag. She made sure Abi didn’t take any clothes that she owned. She had always hated Abi’s poor choice of clothes.
These clothes of yours tho. Hian! Must all your skirts reach your ankles? Ahan!” Maria had complained bitterly, replacing Abi’s clothes with some of hers.

“You know I’m going there to become a nurse right? Not for a beauty pageant.” Abi finally spoke up, finding everything Maria’s been doing unnecessary.

“Babe, nurses don’t dress like they are mourning. They always look smart.” Maria retorted, her hands going all akimbo, and her eyes shooting daggers.

“Girl, you don’t need make-up to look smart.”

“And clothes nko?” Maria fired back.

“Okay, maybe you need clothes.” Abi agreed.

“Good.” Maria said.

But she wasn’t finished.

“Just say it.” Abi said. She could see that her friend was biting her tongue against another remark, just by how rigid her face looked.

“You still need make-up madam. Hmph!” Maria chided finally, the tension on her face softening immediately. She has made her point.

Abi just replied with a shake of her head. Maria always loved to win an argument. She was struggling to close the zipper of her bag when Maria tossed a pair of pencil high-waisted gray jeans and a cropped top.

“It cannot enter abeg!”

“I’m not giving you for the bag. It’s for you to wear tomorrow. You have to dress the way you want to be addressed.”

Abi arched a brow looking at Maria like the girl had gone mad. “Dress the way you want to be addressed? This shirt has ‘DO ME’ written on it. Are you blind?! Dress the way you want to be addressed.” She said again, rolling her eyes.

“Ugh! Fine.” Maria said rummaging through her wardrobe. “Here.” She gave another crop top to Abi, this time with nothing written on it. Just plain black.

Nawa for you oo. Must it be cropped?” Abi said, scowling at the girl in front of her.

“Mtchewwww!” Maria hissed heavily before speaking. “Look, the jeans is high-waisted Miss Complainer of the year! So, if you are worried of your stomach being bare, you shouldn’t. I’m not trying to make you look like a hooker, I’m trying to make you look presentable. This soon-to-be boss of yours is obviously a rich man, seeing someone dressed haggardly will definitely be a turn-off. So stop worrying and look nice for once. You deserve a little show off of your nice shape.”

“Ohhhh so now I have shape.” Abi replied grinning from ear to ear.

“Ugh! Obviously. Just because your boobs or ass or hips, or whatever, aren’t as big as mine doesn’t mean you don’t have at all. One doesn’t have to have an over-sized bossom, or a fat behind to be qualified sexy.”

“You want to burst my brains out abi?”

“No babe. This is me being all emotional. Seeing you leaving is pushing me to tell the truth.”

“Awwn. It’s okay. Don’t worry, we will get in touch with each other. I have your phone number.”

“Yes, but don’t have a phone.”

“I will get one.” Abi replied, smiling.

“You better. Oya, come give me a hug before my emotional mode runs off.”

“Yes ma’am.”

。          。          。


Abi took in her appearance in the mirror for the umpteeth time. She was pleased with her look. The jeans brought out her very thin waist, ―Maria had mended it her size yesterday―announcing her hips and making her curvier. The cropped top was a tight one which accentuated her boobs. Maria was right. She wasn’t unsexy.

“Abi!” She jerked at Maria’s voice.

“Yeah!” She said, running to the entrance door, where Maria stood.

“Good morning  Mr. Udofia” Abi said, giving an almost-kneeling gesture―as a symbol of respect―as she spotted the man that saved her yesterday.

“Good Morning Miss Abi. It’s best we get going, wouldn’t want to miss him.”

“Okay, let me just get my bag.”

Within three minutes she got her bag, she and Maria said their goodbyes and was in Mr. Udofia’s Mitsubishi Gallant car.

In an hour, they were in front of a luxurious hotel.

“Mr. Udofia?” Abi broke her gaze from the hotel building, as she heard a familiar hoarse, rich, totally male voice.

She couldn’t see the face because the man was in a jeep, parked near Mr. Udofia’s side. He looked like he was leaving the hotel.

“Mr. Raymond?! Oh! thank goodness. Thank goodness we met you just in time. C’mon Abi, get down from the car. Come meet your new boss.”

And Abi got down, and did meet her new boss.

You’ve got to be kidding me. UGH!


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