Radiate Love


We see best friends who have stuck together, no breaking.
We see lovers who remained very much in love and together for the rest of their lives, and we are like “oh my God, you guys tried!” So much awe, so much surprises, so much wonder from seeing people love each other to the end.
How saddening. Really, it is sad to see that such leads to astonishment cos my dear, love was meant to be a human thing. So many times in the bible did God advise us to love each other. He is our creator, he knows everything about us. So, I definitely do not think he will ask you to love, if you weren’t capable.
I know we get hurt as a result of loving others, which could definitely blur our visions of love. I get that. But try to remember that whatever hurt you got as a result can never measure up to that of Christ. And according to him, you must love others just as he loved you (John 13:34). So, please you just gotta love to the end (John 13:1). You can’t claim to love God and yet you don’t love others (John 13:35). God is love, thus you must radiate love.


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