The Runaway: VI


He hadn’t planned on killing Mr. Udofia, but he had had to. His aim was to just threaten questions out of him, just as he did with Maria. But Mr. Udofia had told him, ‘his Abi’ had gone to Lagos with a man, to work as a freaking nurse to his grandma. And he knew what that meant; she was going to be sleeping under the same roof with with her boss. He couldn’t handle it. And to make matters worse, Udofia was the one who incited all these, he couldn’t bear to see him or know that he is alive. His hands balled into a fist, as he imagined whoever the susposed boss could be.

“I will find you Abi, I will!” He said, addressing the dark sky of the night, while standing on his porch.


Lagos||Tonye Raymond’s Residence…

A gate man, who looked to be dressed in a soldier uniform, opened the gate as Tonye’s vehicle swerved into the compound.

“Oluwa o!” Abi exclaimed in fright as she saw two bull mastifs, and two rottweilers. What are these?
She was already on Tonye’s arms, holding unto him so tight, his muscles were crying for help. She was oblivious to the kind of position she portrayed at the moment, sitting on his lap, her hands around him, and her head intensely burying itself into his chest, as if to escape the beasts of dogs which had emerged in sight of their master’s jeep.

“Hahahahahaha…..” Tonye’s laughter caused her to remove her burrowed head from his chest, bringing her gaze to him.

“You are you laughing?! What the hell are those?” She asked, her face mixed with confusion and apprehension.

“What do they look like?” Tonye sighed, mocking laughter still in his voice.
He continued, “don’t worry, I will tell someone to them to their cages okay?”

“It’s not funny!” Abi said. Although her chest was still beating fast, her fear was somewhat beginning to ebb, being replaced with anger.
He thinks this is funny? she mused.
However, her emerging anger transformed into embarrassment when she realised that all this while, she was on Tonye’s thighs, with her body pressed on his so tight and intimate. With a flushed look, he scurried away from his lap back to her seat.
“Sorry” She muttered in a small voice, her head bowed, facing her sweaty palms which were toying other, out of embarrassment, on her laps. She couldn’t look at him.

Tonye looked at her, a groan almost escaping his lips, as he took in the perfect picture she made. Her hair which had been tied in a bun afore, now had loosed strands falling to her face. The band used to pack her hair upwards was already coming loose, encouraging some strands to fall to her back as well. Her hair looked to be very long, and very full, that his hands itched to remove the band totally, and watch her mane fall, cascading her enticing face.
“Fuck!” Those words, out of their own volition, came out of Tonye’s mouth. She was too beautiful, too perfect.

Abi’s eyes swung to him as she heard his exclaimed words. “What’s the problem?”  She asked, with a brow arched on her forehead

“Fuck” he wanted to say again, as he saw her beautiful heart-shaped face. “Nothing, don’t mind me. You can get down now, the dogs have been taken away.” He said instead.

A man―also dressed in a soldier’s uniform―came to the back seat to lift a sleeping Grandma Kehinde. She had slept all the way from the hospital―where she had been since Tonye travelled to Calabar. Despite the fact that the dogs were not in sight, Abi found herself being unable to move her feet, until Tonye makes a move first. She went to his side, her palms fisting themselves on his biceps.
“Miss Abi, don’t tell me you still think the dogs are out here” Tonye said, looking at her frightened form.
Abi replied not with words, but rather with a look that said what do you think?
Tonye didn’t want her holding him, not because he hated her touch, but rather because he liked it too much, that he was losing his mind.
“Miss Abi…” He said in a warning tone, of which Abi seemed not to notice. As she seemed not to let go, Tonye lifted her in his arms, carrying her into his house.

“What are doing!” Abi exclaimed in surprise.

“I thought you were scared?”

“So? does that mean you must lift me?”

“OOOH! But it means you can hold me huh?” Tonye retorted, but the truth is, he didn’t know why he lifted her, he just wanted to.

“You m-“ Whatever it is she had to say, got interrupted with Tonye’s mood change.
“What the hell.” He said, disgust in his voice, and dropped her on her feet to the ground.
He was disgusted with himself. This was his employee, who hadn’t even spent up to a day as one, and here he was acting like a child who just sighted a lollipop. He wasn’t thinking, just acting. And that wasn’t him. He never loses control. Women went crazy for him, not the other way round. He couldn’t let a mere nineteen year old tamper with his brain.
With a mighty scowl, he  faced Abi, and said brusquely, “Nike will show you your room.”
And with that, he left her stunned, wondering what had caused his mood swing.


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