The Runaway IX


He had placed an informant at Rhexas’ to watch and report every of Maria’s moves. His phone was switched off through the night/this morning when he boarded a flight to Lagos. Now stepping on the smooth floor of the airport, he put on his phone, only to be greeted with a text from Fred―the informant. Maria had spoken to Abi; he had read from the text. As much as his hands itched him to take her life, he wasn’t going to. For now. He needed her. She’s the bee who’s going to lead him to his honey.

He dialed the number of the informant immediately. He didn’t have time to waste. He needed Abi, and he needed her fast. He wouldn’t be complete without her.

“Hello Fred, I just got your text, good job.” He said into the phone.  “however, I will need you to up your game. I need you to trace the location of the next calls she makes to Abi. Can you do that?”

“Yes Sir, definitely.” Fred said cockily.

“Good. When next I hear from you, it better be about her location.” The man said brusquely cutting the call in the same manner.”

As he boarded a taxi, he hummed like a happy child, who had just been given the best gift of his life. For him, it was so wonderful, a feeling to know that he was getting Abi soon, that she was going to be his forever! He would never allow her suffer the same fate as his wife. With Abi, he would right his wrongs. She is my redemption. He thought happily.


Tonye’s Residence…

She was getting her phone today. It was high time. She was done beating around the bush. It’s been two weeks since she last heard from Maria. Even though having a phone handy was a prerequisite for her safety, Abi still found it a little annoying, for she was one of those people who spent their money rather ‘too wisely’.
However, she wasn’t like this before. While in Aregun, she could have anything she wanted. Her dad’s a chief, they could afford things many others couldn’t in the community. But here in the city’s hustle and bustle nature, and with no father or mother to look after her, every dime she took from her purse was given great thought before being spent.
Thus, as she laid down her patient, she was going through how much she was going to spend in her head. Presently, she had only 25000 Naira. She wasn’t getting any phone that exceeds #5000. It’s just to make calls pfft! She mumbled, as she gently closed the door to Grandma Kehinde’s room.

Kunle was taking her to get a phone. Lately, they have become quite good friends. Right from when he started last two weeks saturday, she had liked him instantly. He was fun to be with. He cracked so many jokes. Whenever she was around him, she never had to think about the fact that a psycho was on the hunt for her, or the fact that she was the reason a man was murdered, or that her friend’s life was in danger, also, because of her. Kunle’s presence was also gratifying to Grandma Kehinde. She laughed at his jokes too. Whenever they were at the Veranda, instead of asking Abi to read to her, she would rather want to hear a joke or two from Kunle. This seemed to help Abi a lot. At least, she didn’t have to sit with her patient all day. She could take a break, if she wanted. Her breakfasts never turned into lunch anymore. All these benefits she enjoyed only on mondays and saturdays, which were when Kunle was around.

He had promised to take her Slot to get a phone, since she’s a JJC in Lagos. Entering her room, she checked the wall clock, and found the time to be 11:00 AM. She decided to take a fast shower to cleanse herself of the drugs she reeked of. Kunle was going to arrive in the next thirty minutes or thereabout.

Within twenty five minutes, she was ready. As she walked down the srairs, she was faced with Tonye, who was rather climbing up the stairs. She had not seen him for a week. Lately, if he wasn’t locked in his home office, he was rather outside at work, and he came back really late. He looked somewhat lean, and haggard, the little beard he kept on just his chin and the one on top of his lips had spread round his mouth.

“Good Afternoon Sir.” Abi said, as she wondered what he must have been up to.

Where are you going?” Tonye replied instead, he didn’t give back pleasantaries. He had been busy, alright! Busy with so much work, but this lissome looking beauty had occupied his mind quite intensely, that it seemed uncontrollable not have her in his head. It was part of the reasons he spent more time burying himself in work. He was avoiding her with as much as he could. He never had affairs with his employees; that has been his long time maintained policy. But this Abike Oludare, was giving him a hard time keeping up with his standards.

“Uhmm I-I want to get something?” Abi stammered her words, for she was taken aback by his reply.

To get what?” He said, looking at her in the eyes. Her eyes were tempresses. He loved them so freaking much, he could daydream in them all day.

As much as Abi found his gaze uncomfortable, she disregarded it. He was pissing her off with the rude way he kept asking her unnecessary questions.
To.Get.Some.thing!” She said with a scowl, on the verge of snapping at her boss. She came here to be a nurse, not his little sister. As long as she did her job very well, her whereabouts is none of his concern.
Okay maybe it should, afterall you are a nurse to his frail old grandma durrh!. A voice in her head said, but she regarded it not. He was rude on the onset, and that irks her.

“Abi” He said, moving close to where she stood on the staircase. “Where are you going? And why is Kunle outside waiting for you? It’s friday isn’t it, Kunle isn’t expected to be here until tommorrow. Where the fuck are you guys up to?”

He was pissed. She could sense it in his voice as they stood facing each other. She couldn’t hold his gaze, it was too penetrating, as if a lot was going through his mind as he looked at her. The heat emanating from him as she stood close to her, was intoxicating her in a good way. She felt like leaning on him right that instant. She didn’t understand the feeling at all. What’s wrong with me. She thought to herself.

“Abi, I asked you a question?

Tonye’s voice caused her to withdraw from her bewildering thoughts. He had called her Abi, not Miss Abior Oludare; she noticed. And she found herself liking the way her name rolled off in his tongue.
“I want to get a phone, Kunle will be helping me with that.” She finally said, unable to look at his perusing gaze. Her heart was thumping fast on her chest, the proximity of their position was having profound effects on her. She couldn’t explain it. No one has ever had such effect on her. She loved and hated the feeling at the same; it was good, but confusing.

“You could have asked one of the boys to help with that.” By the boys, he meant those uniformed rigid looking men, she still found scary to have a conversation with.

“Well, it didn’t occur to me to. Those men are quite scary you know?” She said. “Kunle must be waiting Sir, I really have to go now.” She said, trying to escape him.

“That won’t be necessary.” He said. “He has been sent back home.” Tonye replied calmly.

“Why? I don’t understand” Abi asked, a slight fold of confusion, appearing on her forehead. She wanted to get a phone today. She hadn’t heard from Maria. She was worried about her friend. She was also missing her parents. She missed them so much, it hurts. She wanted to hear their voices, wanted to tell them she’s okay. They were probably worried. Worried, was an understatement, she knew they loved her. She was their only child, loved and cared for in all the right ways.

“Because I don’t want you going out with him?” Tonye said gruffly.

What the hell! He was out of his mind as far she was concerned. Boss or no boss, she wouldn’t take rubbish from him. “With all due respect Sir, whoever I want to hang out with is none of your business!” She said, her words laced with infuriation.

The lines that appeared on his face on hearing her response, quite affrighted her. He looked like one of those soldiers who worked for him. She cowered a little in front of him. He looked like he was going to do something dangerous. But what he did wasn’t a dangerous thing, it was totally far from that. It was something no one has ever done to her, something her body seemed to enjoy.

Instead of lashing out at her, Tonye grabbed her firm by the waist. He had taken her by surprise, he knew. She looked at him in the eye now, out of shock. Even her stunned look was enough to give him a hard-on.
His head was dipping downwards, his nose was on hers now. This slow movements of his caused her heart to quicken. Her breath became quite audible. She couldn’t move. She was anticipating what he was about to do. And then he did it! He kissed her so gently and chaste, just that little connection caused her legs  to weaken. 
He lifted his head, to look at her. The look he gave right now, she couldn’t decipher. He was looking at her like he wanted to eat her on the spot.
“Abi…” he said in a sexy hoarse tone, and immediately, bent his head to give Abi another kiss.
This time it was fierce. He was doing all the work. All she did was let him devour her mouth with his tongue. She has never kissed anyone before. She was enjoying the sensation of his breath in hers, the taste of his tongue. The way her body was pressed tightly on his. Like he should go on forever.
When he finally let go her mouth, they were out of breath. Abi found herself licking her lips, a slight blood had appeared on it. It sounded animalistic, but she loved the blood, as she licked it, she relished on their just concluded exercise. She put her fingers on her lips, enjoying the way it felt used.

“If you want a phone, come to me, not Kunle! Here” he said placing a brand new phone in her hands. “Now, go back upstairs.” He said, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Out of shock, she complied, running straight to her room.
What just happened?!” She said bemusedly, as she slammed the door of her room closed. She had just kissed a man, a man who had a fiancee. A fiancee, whom she lived under the same room with. And the worst part was that she liked him kissing her. She had enjoyed it, not caring if he was engaged. She just acted like a typical Rhexa girl. “ARRRRGGH!” She groaned into her palms. She was ashamed of herself, concluding never to let such happen again.


Rhexas’ Inn…

“Hey sweetie.” Maria said into the receiver. She was talking to Morris, her seven year old son, who resides in Ogun state with his Aunt.

“Mommy!” the little seven year old shrieked with delight as he heard his mother’s voice.

How are you my baby? Hope Aunty Ifeoma is treating well?”

“Yes she is! Mommy, she bought me a bicycle!”

Just hearing his voice warmed her heart. Six years ago, she left Morris under the care of Ifeoma, her late mother’s sister. As much as the woman tended to complain about Maria, she nevertheless, took care of her niece’s son, just fine. At least she fed him and clothe him right. Maria tries her best to visit her son, although these visits only occur once in a blue moon. But things are about to change. She was going to Ogun soon, not just to visit, but to dwell. She was going to have to look for a new job, which is not going to be easy. This was going to irk Ifeoma. It was going to be burdensome, but Maria had to leave Calabar if ever she wants to stay safe.

“That’s great honey. Did you tell her thank you? She finally replied her son.

Yes mommy”

“Good. Guess what, I’m coming over to see you soon my dear!”

“Yay! I miss you mommy.”

“I miss you too my baby.”


Shit!” Fred almost said aloud as he heard Maria end the call. She has a son?! The knowledge of that pricked him intensely.

At that moment, he felt sorry for her. He has been an informant for years, working for several big companies as a spy against one company or another. He didn’t need to do a background check to know that whoever hired him to spy on Maria was a psychopath. He knew in one corner of his mind, that after he the information he needed, the dude was going to kill her.
These never bothered Fred, but finding out that she has a son, was going to change things. He wouldn’t let another kid become an orphan, he just couldn’t.


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