A tale, and a Lesson.

Eager to correct the mistakes of others, but never was he, for his.
Quick to judge, but never did he take a sec to put himself under scrutiny.
Each time he accused the wrong of being wrong,
he is replied with a sarcastic chuckle, like, “is this dude kidding me right now? He is our friggin’ ringleader!”

He was their well observed mentor, and he didn’t even know it; so blind was he to his ways, he didn’t know how greatly, his life mirrored those he so heavily chastised.
If only he knew each rebuke he leveled against them, was a double for him, maybe he would have kept his contemning remarks to himself.

How appalling it is, to be a replica (if not worse),
of what we so outrightly excoriate.


Sometimes, we actually UNKNOWINGLY fail to realise that we are just as bad as what/whom we label ‘bad’. This occurs mostly as result of the fact that we fail to take time to examine ourselves. This is why everyone needs a mirror, which helps in identifying our errors.
The mirror I’ll however recommend to us all, is the Bible. It’s the best mirror for checkmating ourselves.

With Love,
Toluwanimi V.


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