Although quite easier said than done, I implore us still, to try our best never to be bridled when someone we believed should lend us a shoulder in our crisis, fails to do so. Really, what if such a person’s shoulders are already too sagged, and weak with heavy burdens of his/her own, that carrying yours would be a great feat?

Instead of laying your expectations on men, a being that is prone to being encumbered just as you are, why not ask for the shoulder of your Father in Heaven? He is a being who carries the weight of the world and never feels enervated doing so. He is so mighty and unwavering in strength, that the world seems like the weight of a pin in his hands.
In short, it is his pleasure to be of help to you at all times.

So, who would you place on your speed dial? A fellow man like yourself, or the Unswerving Help (GOD) who controls the universe?


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