The Runaway: X


“I will like to have breakfast downstairs at the dining room” Grandma Kehinde said, looking at Abi suspiciously.
Abi gave her a suspicious look of her own, finding her patient’s request to be strange. The woman never ate at the dining room. She had her meals in her room.

“Ermm…okay?” Abi managed to say, wondering what was up with the old woman. Thus, she placed her on her wheel chair, and motioned her down the stairs to the dining room.

“Nike!” Abi called for the maid, requiring her to bring down Grandma’s breakfast.

“And tell Tonye to come down here. I would like to eat with him. It’s been a while” Grandma said with a smile to the maid who was about going to get her food.

Abi’s heartbeat doubled its race as she heard the words which came out of her patient’s mouth. She didn’t want to face Tonye today. She still felt ashamed from yesterday’s experience with him. She had planned on hiding in her room all day.

“Won’t you have your seat? And why do you look so flushed young woman. Did you see a ghost or what?” Grandma asked, her voice carrying a taunting tone.

Abi sat immediately. She didn’t realise she was still standing, she didn’t even know Nike had set their meals on the table already. She wasn’t hungry anymore, she just wanted to disappear, but she relunctantly picked her fork and dug into the porridge in front of her. She didn’t want the old woman suspecting anything.

As she was about taking a bite of a little piece of yam porridge, Abi heard giggles from a end, coming close to the dining room. It was Tosins’. It was a seductive giggle, the type she had heard many Rhexa waitresses give whenever they wanted to lure men into their pants.

“Hmm hmm” Abi heard a hoarse, manly, tired, but no less alluring voice follow the giggles. It was Tonyes’ . Abi knew it was, even before the form of her boss and his fiancee finally emerged.
Tosin had her arms wrapped at Tonye’s back, her hair was a bit disheveled and she was wearing a very thick smirk that seemed so unwilling to leave her face. She looked the happiest Abi had ever seen her. Tonye on the other hand, was wearing a passive look, but also had a arm wrapped around her shoulders, and his hair was just as tossled. The sight before Abi was so compellingly painful, it hurt her to see them the way they were; all happy as though they just concluded a love-making session. Her eyes burned with tears, as the couple took their seats side by side. But she willed those tears away, and managed to mumble a good morning to both of them, burying her face into her untouched meal.


“Please be kidding! You can’t be serious! Please… Please… She can’t be dead” He wailed as he spoke.

“I’m so sorry, we tried our best. I’m so sorry sir.” The doctor replied, compassion in his voice.

“Bring her back! Bring her back!” The man said, as his voice billowed with anger, and grief.


BANG! The doctor got interrupted with a blow on his eye.

“Bring. Her. Back!” BANG! BANG! BANG! “Bring her! Bring her! Bring her!” The man said frantically, while hitting the doctor on the face, until the living doctor became corpse; all from his hard punches.

Exhausted from exercising his hands on the doctor’s face and realising the doctor to be dead, the man knelt down, and wept profusely.

She was gone. She was gone. Gone forever.

They were coming back again, the nightmares. The more he delayed, the more they haunted him. It was killing him, he hates to remember. That moment when she took her last breath was the worst day of his life, a day that has become a haunting memory in his life. A memory he would love to destroy.


“Are you not hungry?” Grandma Kehinde’s voice drew Abi from her thought. She had drifted again, she realised. Her food was still untouched.

“Not really, I guess” Abi managed to say, and she was replied with a gentle squeeze of her hand by Grandma, a gesture which took her aback. She looked at her patient and saw compassion in her eyes. Does she know? Abi began to wonder. The woman’s eyes had spoken words like “it’s okay my dear”, ” don’t beat your self up” “c’mon!” Or was she imagining it? Grandma Kehinde really knows, and Abi flushed at that, averting her gaze from the woman face.

Tonye had been staring at her surreptitiously. He felt so terrible. Abi wasn’t stupid; he knew she would have added two plus two to come with the right conclusion that himself and Tosin had been ‘busy’ last night―the same day he had claim her lips like he owned it indeed. He hadn’t intended to have sex with Tosin, but Abi’s lips had given him a permanent hard-on, he couldn’t help but relieve himself. And of course, Tosin was willing to help ou. She had always been willing, seducing him subtly, but he had never given in, until last night.
He wanted to hold Abi right there and tell her he was sorry; something he never thought he would be doing―he must like her very much, more than he thought.

Abi gave up trying to eat, there was no point. She had lost her appetite. Maybe if he wasn’t present, she would have.
“I will just take this to the kitchen.” She finally said, taking my untouched meal to the kitchen.


She heard Tonye call after her, as she walked to the kitchen. Hearing her name caused a sweat of nervousness on the back of her neck, but she turned to him nonetheless―she didn’t want to seem weak.

“Sir?” She answered formally, waving off the fact that Tonye had called her informally, in front of everyone. And as it seemed, everyone noticed, because they were all gawking at her, especially Tosin, whose face had already contorted into a frown.

Tonye didn’t know what to say to avert any suspicion. He had called after her without thinking. Her name had been at the tip of his tongue through out his meal. And when he saw that she was about leaving, when he saw her lissome body, which he so much adored, when he saw the way her small hips swayed from side to side in her bandage skirt, and the way her long hair dangled in its ponytail style, he couldn’t rein himself any longer. He wanted to hold her, he wanted to comfort her, he wanted to have her. Everything about her got to him―and that scared him. It’s like he was losing his senses.

Before he spoke, he cleared his voice, finding the right words to say in front of everyone. “I will like to see you in my office in the next five minutes.” He said in the most formal tone he could muster for her.

“Okay sir, but first, let me take Grandma to her room.” Abi said in the most formal and confident tone she could muster as well.


“What do you have?” The man into the phone, as soon as Fred picked, no hello, no good morning, no pleasantaries, no nothing; just strict business.

“Nothing sir. I’ve got nothing.” Fred replied.

“Nothing?! You can’t have nothing. I want results, and I want them now!”

“Well you can’t get shit from me right now. That’s not how it works. Besides, you called too freaking soon. I just spoke to you yesterday. When I have something, I will let you know. You will just have to chill out man.”

Truly, he had called too soon. But he was running late, damn it! He wanted to be free from his mess. And he needed Abi. Fred was a fine man at his job, he couldn’t dispute that. So relunctantly he gave in. “Fine! But I need results, and I need them fast. Don’t fail me. You wouldn’t want to cross my path my friend.”  He said sinisterly, and ended the phone abruptly, without giving Fred the chance to respond to his threat.


Tonye’s Home Office…

“Please have your seat.”  Tonye said, as Abi entered into his office.

She had her seat, but he said nothing for over two minutes. He just kept looking at her. That made her uncomfortable, thus, she spoke, “Errm..Sir, you requested that I see you?”

“Yeah, right, about that…” He had been lost in her eyes, in her face. She had innocence written all over her. Damn! she was too beautiful, too cute, not to go head over heels for.
“I-I just want to apologise.”

“About what?” Abi asked, indeed confused. She didn’t know what he was apologising about. Was he sorry about kissing her, or about having sex with his wife-to-be? She bemused.

“Don’t make me spell it out for you Abi.” Tonye answered her question.

“Really, I do not know what you are apolgising for Sir.

Tonye sighed looking at her intently, realising that indeed she knew not what he was talking about.
“Alright, but first, before I explain myself, I will like to clear something out of the way. I will like you to ccall me by my first name, Tonye. I hate it when you are all formal to me.

“But sir-” She got silenced with Tonye’s fingers on her lips, tracing her bottom lip. He was sitting close to her now, at the edge of his large office well polished mahogany table.

“Abi, Abi, baby, don’t tell me you still think to be all that after what we shared yesterday? It wasn’t just a kiss and you know it! If it was, you wouldn’t have been angry and sad today, when you both of us.”

By both of us, he meant, himself and Tosin.
He continued “I’m really sorry about that, Abi. I don’t know what came over me. I wanted to more than kiss you yesterday, but I know it was silly to do more than that. I wanted to do so many things, but I left them undone. But they still lingered Abi, I fought it, but I gave in at the end, I just had to, I’m so sorry.”

Abi ears burned at his words. He wanted to have sex with me? She didn’t know what to say. She was speechless, dumdfounded, shocked to her toes. But finally she spoke,
“This is so weird…” She said with a nervous voice.

“Weird?” Tonye asked.

“Yes, weird. Why are you apologising for having sex with your fiancee. She’s legit, I’m not. If there is anyone you owe an apology, it’s her.”

“I don’t owe her shit! She knew what she was getting herself into. Ugh! I don’t even know why I agreed to all those BS. I don’t want her, I want you. Hell! I’ve never wanted anyone like I want you.”

“Wow” That was all Abi could say to the shocking confessions that just spilled from his mouth. But she recovered quickly.


“Sorry, Tonye. You shouldn’t talk like that. That’s just plain harsh! I don’t think I will be happy to hear my husband-to-be speak of me this way. What kind of man are you? You know, I used to have great respect for you, I saw you as a very good man. Unlike other men who visited Rhexas’ you had no hunger in your eyes, for the waitresses. Even after our kiss, I still never thought less of you. I just saw it as a mistake on your part. I might be angry that after kissing me, you still made love to her. But rationally, I shouldn’t be. I’m your employee, not you fiancee. I let myself loose like a fool, I let you do what you did, it’s not your fault, I’m not a kid; in less than a week I will be twenty. So, you can keep your apologies to yourself. In fact, I regret kissing you, you are such a despicable person. Why would you speak that way about not even your girlfriend, but you FIANCEE?! That’s just too bad, too bad!”

“Abi, you don’t understand” Tonye said, stunned by her words.

“Really? What’s there not to understand?


That was all he said, he couldn’t tell her that his marraige was arranged. That he never wanted it. He couldn’t tell her everything. What was the point? It wouldn’t change anything. She’s a goodie, arranged or not, as long as he is betrothed she wouldn’t want to have an affair with him.
Thus, he watched walk out of his office with her new conception of him.


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