This Too Shall Fade

Remember that this hurt, like so many other things is life, is transient. Thus, while you might tolerate it, never get used to it; while you might accept it as what it is (temporary unfortunate happenings in your life), never accept it as part of you.

Never lose yourself to it.



Here is one of my perceptions on writing:

You dont have to have experienced something (personal experience), before you write about it. We have been blessed with the power of imagination; all you need to do sometimes is open up that mind of yours, travel through fantasyland in your head―where you see various characters and hear a lot of voices―and before you know it, you have a piece. Trust me, a FICTIVE story could carry a lot of REAL meanings. What might be a fictional character, could be a being in reality, and before you know it, you find yourself writing about actual experiences.
So, open your mind, explore, and pen down your discoveries.

Although quite easier said than done, I implore us still, to try our best never to be bridled when someone we believed should lend us a shoulder in our crisis, fails to do so. Really, what if such a person’s shoulders are already too sagged, and weak with heavy burdens of his/her own, that carrying yours would be a great feat?

Instead of laying your expectations on men, a being that is prone to being encumbered just as you are, why not ask for the shoulder of your Father in Heaven? He is a being who carries the weight of the world and never feels enervated doing so. He is so mighty and unwavering in strength, that the world seems like the weight of a pin in his hands.
In short, it is his pleasure to be of help to you at all times.

So, who would you place on your speed dial? A fellow man like yourself, or the Unswerving Help (GOD) who controls the universe?

A tale, and a Lesson.

Eager to correct the mistakes of others, but never was he, for his.
Quick to judge, but never did he take a sec to put himself under scrutiny.
Each time he accused the wrong of being wrong,
he is replied with a sarcastic chuckle, like, “is this dude kidding me right now? He is our friggin’ ringleader!”

He was their well observed mentor, and he didn’t even know it; so blind was he to his ways, he didn’t know how greatly, his life mirrored those he so heavily chastised.
If only he knew each rebuke he leveled against them, was a double for him, maybe he would have kept his contemning remarks to himself.

How appalling it is, to be a replica (if not worse),
of what we so outrightly excoriate.


Sometimes, we actually UNKNOWINGLY fail to realise that we are just as bad as what/whom we label ‘bad’. This occurs mostly as result of the fact that we fail to take time to examine ourselves. This is why everyone needs a mirror, which helps in identifying our errors.
The mirror I’ll however recommend to us all, is the Bible. It’s the best mirror for checkmating ourselves.

With Love,
Toluwanimi V.


a cankerworm of the mind,
ever bent on vitiating,
our reality of a possibility.

a deadly leech of the soul
sucking out the very hope,
we once harboured in our hearts.

a terrible parasite of life,
making strong men seem wimpy,
turning dreams into fantasies.

Doubt, doubt, doubt,
let’s subdue it with all our might!

Truth Heals

tell them the truth.
yes, let them hurt,
let them bleed,
they will surely heal
it’s the truth

The hurts and bleedings, are all part of truth’s healing process. I mean, if there isn’t a wound or bruise, what exactly are you trying to heal?
Thus, when you are wounded by the truth, try to open those same wounds to the truth. That way, it will perform its surgery, and heal you of the lie you’ve been living all along.
Toluwanimi V.

Radiate Love


We see best friends who have stuck together, no breaking.
We see lovers who remained very much in love and together for the rest of their lives, and we are like “oh my God, you guys tried!” So much awe, so much surprises, so much wonder from seeing people love each other to the end.
How saddening. Really, it is sad to see that such leads to astonishment cos my dear, love was meant to be a human thing. So many times in the bible did God advise us to love each other. He is our creator, he knows everything about us. So, I definitely do not think he will ask you to love, if you weren’t capable.
I know we get hurt as a result of loving others, which could definitely blur our visions of love. I get that. But try to remember that whatever hurt you got as a result can never measure up to that of Christ. And according to him, you must love others just as he loved you (John 13:34). So, please you just gotta love to the end (John 13:1). You can’t claim to love God and yet you don’t love others (John 13:35). God is love, thus you must radiate love.