Don’t give them all of yourself,

hand them snippets

and let them wonder about the rest.


This Too Shall Fade

Remember that this hurt, like so many other things is life, is transient. Thus, while you might tolerate it, never get used to it; while you might accept it as what it is (temporary unfortunate happenings in your life), never accept it as part of you.

Never lose yourself to it.

Truth Heals

tell them the truth.
yes, let them hurt,
let them bleed,
they will surely heal
it’s the truth

The hurts and bleedings, are all part of truth’s healing process. I mean, if there isn’t a wound or bruise, what exactly are you trying to heal?
Thus, when you are wounded by the truth, try to open those same wounds to the truth. That way, it will perform its surgery, and heal you of the lie you’ve been living all along.
Toluwanimi V.


Like an etiolated plant,
He had been starved of light
Quite intensely,
That he embraced darkness as his pal.

But, when alas!,
A tinge of light rayed into his darkened spirit,
He couldn’t help but be transfixed,
He couldn’t help but embrace it,
He couldn’t help but ask for more,
For he saw how beautifully illuminated he was,
Making him wonder,
How he had ended up,
in a dingy place afore.

Never embrace your darkness,
-God, whom we claim to be our heavenly father, is light. Thus, light should be in our genes.

-Light will always conquer darkness.

-Darkness depends on light for its beauty.

P.S- Imagine a night sky without a moon or star.


Toluwanimi V.