A Life As Such

Listen dear,I have once lived a life as such;

pushing everyone away,

preventing love from creeping in,

blaming love for my falls,

never seeing the bigger picture.

And if there was anything I learnt from it,

it is, to never live a life as such


On Truth

Never get so used to a lie that it begins to become your truth, in such a way that even when the truth presents itself clearly,  you are still quite blinded, or rather, imprisoned by that lie you are unwilling to let go. This could probably be because you can’t imagine how your life would be without that lie in your life- a lie you’ve gotten extremely accustomed to, to forfeit easily. 

But really, no lie is worth living. The truth, no matter how unfriendly,  no matter how late it decides to surface,  is actually what you need in your life, to live as you should. Embrace truth and let it set you free from the lie you’ve been imprisoned. 

My Hero

Art by Me (Toluwanimi V.)

You prevent me from falling,
your hands are ever outstretched
to catch me.
Right from day one,
without requesting your services,
you made yourself constantly
available to save me.
You are my Saviour,
my number one Hero
Psalms 116:8 (KJV)  “For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling”.