Turn Your Scars To Art


Put your scars to good use,
carry them with grace,
and watch their uglies begin to fade.



Like an etiolated plant,
He had been starved of light
Quite intensely,
That he embraced darkness as his pal.

But, when alas!,
A tinge of light rayed into his darkened spirit,
He couldn’t help but be transfixed,
He couldn’t help but embrace it,
He couldn’t help but ask for more,
For he saw how beautifully illuminated he was,
Making him wonder,
How he had ended up,
in a dingy place afore.

Never embrace your darkness,
-God, whom we claim to be our heavenly father, is light. Thus, light should be in our genes.

-Light will always conquer darkness.

-Darkness depends on light for its beauty.

P.S- Imagine a night sky without a moon or star.


Toluwanimi V.



He was highly insidious,
Skillful at getting as many chicks as possible.
His gusto was infectious,
You couldn’t help but melt at his attitude.
On his tongue were numerous subtle words,
Ever available to flirt and lure.
He was a charmer,
The one every girl fell for.

Image credit: @nordqvist.jpg (instagram username)


Toluwanimi V.

When He Saw Her

He had the best of gaits,
But when he saw her,
She seemed to knock him off balance.

He wasn’t one to lose focus,
But when he saw her,
He got lost in her eyes.

No girl ever messed with his heart,
But when he saw her,
His heart skipped a beat.

He was a wonderful sweet-talker,
But when he saw her,
He seemed to lose his wits.

He was ever imperious
Never one to lose confidence,
But when he saw her,
He seemed all nervous.

His eyes were seducers
A tool he used on every girl
But when he saw her,
All he could do was blink
For she was the most beautiful thing,
He had ever seen.

The Garden

It was a beautiful garden,

filled with so many flowers;

Pinks, Hibiscuses, Roses,

Violas, Magnolias, Sunflowers,

Lilies, Tulips, Daisies

And so many more.

All different in their colours,

all different in their scent,

but never was any not a beauty.


The whole point of this piece is this:
the world is made up of different people, with different colours, accents, race, or descents. One thing similar however, in the midst of these differences is the beauty they all share. For I feel that such differences are the world’s beauty