God’s Love is True

Your Love is quite fremd;it places me at sixes and sevens

It is of such a great rarity; 

there is none of its kind.

Too beautiful;

it can’t be left unappreciated.

Intensely capitivating;

one can’t help but be awed.

Your Love is love in it’s truest form.
It is one helluva of an honour 

to be under the grace of such.


To Be Loved This Much

‚ÄčTo still be given breath,

despite having the right

to pronounce me dead.
To be forgiven effortlessly,

irrespective of my humongous wrongs.
To keep your arms ever outstretched,

ready to embrace me as yours, 

whenever I come seeking your face.
To be loved this much,

my Dear Lord,

still shakes me to the core!

My Hero

Art by Me (Toluwanimi V.)

You prevent me from falling,
your hands are ever outstretched
to catch me.
Right from day one,
without requesting your services,
you made yourself constantly
available to save me.
You are my Saviour,
my number one Hero
Psalms 116:8 (KJV)  “For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling”.

Depression Subdued V (Just A Little Light)

so messed up, happiness is perceived as an illusion,
thick melancholic darkness clouds the vision,
too myopic to see beyond the enclave of this chaos,
to admit there’s still some beauty left seems difficult,
mind already severely weakened as a result of so many evil bombs

tired soul at the end of its tether,
give it even just a tidbit of light,
and you will see it undergo a revival

Sometimes, all it takes is giving them a little effort of love, a little gesture of care, a little word of hope, just a little, and they get all spirited again.
Believe me when I say,we have in us the power to win souls. Just make yourself an instrument of Light.