Perfect Liar

​They say when you look into a person’s eyes, you tend to see through the stories they fail to tell. 

But, let me tell you about a woman, she was one helluva actress, whose eyes perfectly followed the script. Her deceits were so impeccable, as her eyes never contrasted her lies.


War Stories

And for the first time, in a long time, she saw his face contort in a smile, and just any smile, but the kind that reaches the eyes. So, she just stood there at the doorway, enthralled by the scenic view of him. He didn’t seem to notice her presence, too focused on the dispatch in his hands; the reason for the smile on his face. And right there, she made a silent prayer that whatever the good news was, that it lasted forever.

Gone was the ever wintry, mirthless General she had be forced to get acquainted to, since the beginning of the war. From how beautifully gay he seemed to be, she didn’t have to take a look at the thick brown paper in his hands, to have a good understanding of what it beheld. Whatever was there, was definitely something that would bring peace to their land; the one thing he had always longed for, something that had seemed like an illusive wish, the one and only thing, that could, at this time, make him look this happy.

She couldn’t help but smile at his smile, for finally, the real him was back, the him the war had buried for a long time. Satisfied with this turnabout, she gave a contented sigh.


a cankerworm of the mind,
ever bent on vitiating,
our reality of a possibility.

a deadly leech of the soul
sucking out the very hope,
we once harboured in our hearts.

a terrible parasite of life,
making strong men seem wimpy,
turning dreams into fantasies.

Doubt, doubt, doubt,
let’s subdue it with all our might!