realising that she had been espied,
she swifly buried her face in a newspaper,
pretending to be reading an ad,
when all she had been busy reading,
was the smile perched on his lips


Depression Subdued II (Happy Soul)

she was the girl
with the sad story,
but happy soul

A soul that loses not its gleam, even when thrown into a despondent zone. Who wouldn’t want that?!

The Lady in the Deli

he would go to the deli,
all in the bid to seek the lady,
who had evoked in him,
a feeling so gay,
on that particular saturday afternoon,
when his world was in a gloom;
an angelic smile had appeared on her face,
which seemed to keep his sorrows at bay,
so, why not seek her face everyday?


a cankerworm of the mind,
ever bent on vitiating,
our reality of a possibility.

a deadly leech of the soul
sucking out the very hope,
we once harboured in our hearts.

a terrible parasite of life,
making strong men seem wimpy,
turning dreams into fantasies.

Doubt, doubt, doubt,
let’s subdue it with all our might!

Dear One of Trust

hold me!
keep me from falling
as I thread on this risky road,
as I walk upon its ragged edges,
oh! please don’t you let me go!

I beckon on you,
for you’ve proven to be trusted.
remember those times of trouble?
when you gave all your best,
in making sure my mind was at rest?
you were my anchorage,
when I was almost going astray
my tumultuary state,
you found a way to placate

I find you to be highly dependable,
your trustworthiness is of high repute.
so, here I am again,
calling out your name;
stay by my side dear one,
just as you’ve always done!


You’ve waited for a long time,
watching from a distance,
as she let them into her heart.
None of them lasted as she wanted,
they were all kinds of wrongs,
all of which you were aware.
Now she’s done with them all,
with the hope of finding the right one

You are the Mr. Right!
You know deep down in your heart,
you will take good care of her.
Now that she has a vacant spot,
why don’t you go occupy
instead of toying with the idea of rejection?
Many a time you’ve had your chance
but all you did was misuse the opportunity
Aren’t you tired of being all namby-pamby?
Oh! grow up and be a man!

That empty spot in her heart cries out for you!
Go on and make a move
before she disappears out of the blue.