Stubborn Heart

This heart has been to a tough war,and there, it got punctured, 

there, it bled, and bled,

but never did it die.

The mutilations it suffered,

won’t mar it from loving as it should. Though it seems out of shape, 

it will continue to beat perfectly.

Though it looks severely broken,

the love it holds will forever remain whole.

This heart has been to a tough war,

but it shan’t stop reeking of pure love.


A Life As Such

Listen dear,I have once lived a life as such;

pushing everyone away,

preventing love from creeping in,

blaming love for my falls,

never seeing the bigger picture.

And if there was anything I learnt from it,

it is, to never live a life as such

A Puppet of Love

Out of nowhere, you came, and purloined my heart,
and I can’t seem to ask that you give it back.

I have fallen quite deeply,
that it seems out of my control.

You’ve got this strong hold of me
that I find myself being drawn to you,
like bees are, to honey.

Who are you,
and what are you doing to me?

Oh! this is so unhealthy,
I mean, how can I hate this feeling,
but still seem relunctant to let it go?

A tiny love tale

She: “I’m so sorry dear, I wish I were there right now”

He: “No worries babe, all I have to do is think of you, and I’ll be fine”


I often feel extra awkward whenever I write mushy romantic love stuff, but end up writing them anyway, for the love of writing; and that’s exactly what happens when you love what you do. You would want to try various areas under that passion of yours. It’s no wonder, you would find a hip-hop dancer today, dancing ballet tommorrow, or could even try to spice up the two, by doing some contemporary dancing thingamajig.