A Puppet of Love

Out of nowhere, you came, and purloined my heart,
and I can’t seem to ask that you give it back.

I have fallen quite deeply,
that it seems out of my control.

You’ve got this strong hold of me
that I find myself being drawn to you,
like bees are, to honey.

Who are you,
and what are you doing to me?

Oh! this is so unhealthy,
I mean, how can I hate this feeling,
but still seem relunctant to let it go?

A tiny love tale

She: “I’m so sorry dear, I wish I were there right now”

He: “No worries babe, all I have to do is think of you, and I’ll be fine”


I often feel extra awkward whenever I write mushy romantic love stuff, but end up writing them anyway, for the love of writing; and that’s exactly what happens when you love what you do. You would want to try various areas under that passion of yours. It’s no wonder, you would find a hip-hop dancer today, dancing ballet tommorrow, or could even try to spice up the two, by doing some contemporary dancing thingamajig.