Forgive Them


I ask that you forgive ‘them, and lessen the baggage you carry upon your shoulders, for I’ve come to realise that such a thing does no good, but slows one down.


Photo art credit: Twanitoria


Fading {ft. my image doodle}

art by Toluwanimi V.

finally, you seem to be fading into oblivion,
where you once resided, I find you not,
and this, I accept with great joy
the tussle soon shall be over,
in my mind you will no longer linger
my eyes you will no longer blind

looks like I’m about to be set free
from the sorrows you rained down on me;
those ills I had so much lived with
ha! now they seem to be fading away
out of my being, soul, and brain
and now, I can live again.