Forgive Them


I ask that you forgive ‘them, and lessen the baggage you carry upon your shoulders, for I’ve come to realise that such a thing does no good, but slows one down.


Photo art credit: Twanitoria



Strait-laced Victorian,
speaking against our lack of morals,
looking at us with spiteful eyes;
if only you could crush us, aye?

Haha! very funny,
considering what you do in secret;
indulging in all the sins,
you openly criticise in the streets

Why don’t you shed this cloak of pretence?
we are aware you put on airs.
How can you expect us to listen to you,
when we know you feign the truth?

From A Contact With You

your words were couched in the perfect language of love,
I relish in them whenever I recollect,
they are nectars to this bitterness,
brushes that scrub off sorrow’s dust.
the marvellous good that ensued,
from having a contact with you,
I think is enough reason,
to allow you reside in me


Here is one of my perceptions on writing:

You dont have to have experienced something (personal experience), before you write about it. We have been blessed with the power of imagination; all you need to do sometimes is open up that mind of yours, travel through fantasyland in your head―where you see various characters and hear a lot of voices―and before you know it, you have a piece. Trust me, a FICTIVE story could carry a lot of REAL meanings. What might be a fictional character, could be a being in reality, and before you know it, you find yourself writing about actual experiences.
So, open your mind, explore, and pen down your discoveries.