Forgive Them


I ask that you forgive ‘them, and lessen the baggage you carry upon your shoulders, for I’ve come to realise that such a thing does no good, but slows one down.


Photo art credit: Twanitoria



There are things we do/ways we act, that we know aren’t right AT ALL. But we do those things anyway, and even feel smug while doing them. Until, we probably witness someone act exactly that way (not necessarily towards us), and then we find ourselves browned off about the person’s behaviour, only to realise that we are actually irritated at ourselves.

Perfect Being, Perfect Love.

I open up my wounds,
And let them bleed to you.
I don’t know if it’s because,
you’ve got the perfect words.
Those perfect right words,
To patch me up.
Or if it’s because,
You’ve got the perfect shoulder,
To cry on.
Or to lean on.
All I know is,
You are the perfect being.
Perfect for me.

You encircle me in your arms,
And right there,
I feel safe
Oh! what a sweet embrace.
To be held by the perfect one.
Who ceases not to love me.
In every way.


God: the perfect being with the perfect Love