The World and Us.

Rekindle the fire the world had quenched with its serpentine spittle. The world isn’t meant to subdue you. After all, the latter was made stronger than the former

~Twani Toria


On Truth

Never get so used to a lie that it begins to become your truth, in such a way that even when the truth presents itself clearly,  you are still quite blinded, or rather, imprisoned by that lie you are unwilling to let go. This could probably be because you can’t imagine how your life would be without that lie in your life- a lie you’ve gotten extremely accustomed to, to forfeit easily. 

But really, no lie is worth living. The truth, no matter how unfriendly,  no matter how late it decides to surface,  is actually what you need in your life, to live as you should. Embrace truth and let it set you free from the lie you’ve been imprisoned. 


There are things we do/ways we act, that we know aren’t right AT ALL. But we do those things anyway, and even feel smug while doing them. Until, we probably witness someone act exactly that way (not necessarily towards us), and then we find ourselves browned off about the person’s behaviour, only to realise that we are actually irritated at ourselves.