On Forgiveness

​We all carry wounds caused by certain words or actions of people. But, let them not become scars. Treat these wounds the right way; by forgiving the inflicters. For to forgive, is to heal, to forgive, is to be at peace, to forgive, is to truly live.


Yesterday’s Mess

There was a heart once nesh,

now it’s all marble, no feels,

nestled in a concave of apathy.
In it lies yesterday’s mess,

in such a profusion quite blinding,

and with great pains, quite killing.
Certain sad pasts have caused a pestilence,

afflicting the mind and being with void,

an emptiness that doesn’t want to be filled at all.
Shattered heart of yesterday,

please think about today,

and realise the blessings you keep pushing away.

Hear Me Out

I ask not that you believe me,

all I ask is that you give your ears some listen

for I’ve got a lot buried in me

that they seem quite too much to contain.

And oh! how they do tamper with my brain!
I sure do fear the outcome

if I fail to give myself a purge

Thus, I beseech you my sweetling

that you allow me say my piece,

before I finally take my leave.

A Puppet of Love

Out of nowhere, you came, and purloined my heart,
and I can’t seem to ask that you give it back.

I have fallen quite deeply,
that it seems out of my control.

You’ve got this strong hold of me
that I find myself being drawn to you,
like bees are, to honey.

Who are you,
and what are you doing to me?

Oh! this is so unhealthy,
I mean, how can I hate this feeling,
but still seem relunctant to let it go?