For your Own Good

I had to leave,

cos tarrying would only

bring you more harm than good.

You call it cowardice,

I call it saving your ass.


Stubborn Heart

This heart has been to a tough war,and there, it got punctured, 

there, it bled, and bled,

but never did it die.

The mutilations it suffered,

won’t mar it from loving as it should. Though it seems out of shape, 

it will continue to beat perfectly.

Though it looks severely broken,

the love it holds will forever remain whole.

This heart has been to a tough war,

but it shan’t stop reeking of pure love.

This Too Shall Fade

Remember that this hurt, like so many other things is life, is transient. Thus, while you might tolerate it, never get used to it; while you might accept it as what it is (temporary unfortunate happenings in your life), never accept it as part of you.

Never lose yourself to it.