Forgive Them


I ask that you forgive ‘them, and lessen the baggage you carry upon your shoulders, for I’ve come to realise that such a thing does no good, but slows one down.


Photo art credit: Twanitoria


That Thing…

That thing that gives you comfort,
that thing that provides you zoar
whenever you are on the run from your chaos,
that thing, that while engaged in it,
you forget your sorrows,
that thing that gives you grand bliss,
that thing?
That thing is pure gold,
don’t throw it away

Appreciate Today

Longing for yesterday’s happiness,
we sabotaged today’s possiblilities

To live in the past, is to kill the present. Each day is filled with beautiful promises, but when one sees nothing but the past, realising such promises might be impossible.
Appreciate today.

-Toluwanimi V.

Depression Subdued (Peace In Storm VI)

tranquility amid calamity
is no ordinary feeling,
it’s a feeling so heavenly,
you can’t help but
associate it with God

cos when you really sit down to think of it, you realise HE’s the reason you seem quite settled in a precarious situation. HE’s the reason that storm (even when it turns out to be a hurricane) never seems to blow you away.

Depression Subdued IV (Telling the Beast Goodbye)

Sketched by Toluwanimi V.

And on that day, with a look so fierce, she said dauntingly;
“Sayonara! I’ve watched you take so much from me. I’ve got to protect this little that’s left of me”

When that beast (depression) stretches its ugly hand, don’t you dare take it. Do not give it a welcome, give it a behemothic GOODBYE. Trust me, you are stronger than you think.

A tale, and a Lesson.

Eager to correct the mistakes of others, but never was he, for his.
Quick to judge, but never did he take a sec to put himself under scrutiny.
Each time he accused the wrong of being wrong,
he is replied with a sarcastic chuckle, like, “is this dude kidding me right now? He is our friggin’ ringleader!”

He was their well observed mentor, and he didn’t even know it; so blind was he to his ways, he didn’t know how greatly, his life mirrored those he so heavily chastised.
If only he knew each rebuke he leveled against them, was a double for him, maybe he would have kept his contemning remarks to himself.

How appalling it is, to be a replica (if not worse),
of what we so outrightly excoriate.


Sometimes, we actually UNKNOWINGLY fail to realise that we are just as bad as what/whom we label ‘bad’. This occurs mostly as result of the fact that we fail to take time to examine ourselves. This is why everyone needs a mirror, which helps in identifying our errors.
The mirror I’ll however recommend to us all, is the Bible. It’s the best mirror for checkmating ourselves.

With Love,
Toluwanimi V.