The World and Us.

Rekindle the fire the world had quenched with its serpentine spittle. The world isn’t meant to subdue you. After all, the latter was made stronger than the former

~Twani Toria


On Truth

Never get so used to a lie that it begins to become your truth, in such a way that even when the truth presents itself clearly,  you are still quite blinded, or rather, imprisoned by that lie you are unwilling to let go. This could probably be because you can’t imagine how your life would be without that lie in your life- a lie you’ve gotten extremely accustomed to, to forfeit easily. 

But really, no lie is worth living. The truth, no matter how unfriendly,  no matter how late it decides to surface,  is actually what you need in your life, to live as you should. Embrace truth and let it set you free from the lie you’ve been imprisoned. 



Learn to move on from that which hurts you. I wouldn’t say you should let go, cos the truth is, we don’t really let go of certain memories, no matter how hard we try. We might think we did let go, only to find ourselves being reminded of them, probably by just a gesture, a person, or even a thing. So, yeah, letting go is out of the question. 

The best you can do is move on GENUINELY, that, whenever those sad memories are revived from their subconscious, you wouldn’t give a tear or feel a pain in your chest. Rather, you would give a smile and contented sigh that says “that was just life being life, I’m better now”-This is one way to ‘forget’. 

P.S: Make peace with that sour past of yours, and you’ll realise just how less stingy it feels when reminded of it.

That Thing…

That thing that gives you comfort,
that thing that provides you zoar
whenever you are on the run from your chaos,
that thing, that while engaged in it,
you forget your sorrows,
that thing that gives you grand bliss,
that thing?
That thing is pure gold,
don’t throw it away

Appreciate Today

Longing for yesterday’s happiness,
we sabotaged today’s possiblilities

To live in the past, is to kill the present. Each day is filled with beautiful promises, but when one sees nothing but the past, realising such promises might be impossible.
Appreciate today.

-Toluwanimi V.

Depression Subdued (Peace In Storm VI)

tranquility amid calamity
is no ordinary feeling,
it’s a feeling so heavenly,
you can’t help but
associate it with God

cos when you really sit down to think of it, you realise HE’s the reason you seem quite settled in a precarious situation. HE’s the reason that storm (even when it turns out to be a hurricane) never seems to blow you away.

This Too Shall Fade

Remember that this hurt, like so many other things is life, is transient. Thus, while you might tolerate it, never get used to it; while you might accept it as what it is (temporary unfortunate happenings in your life), never accept it as part of you.

Never lose yourself to it.

Depression Subdued IV (Telling the Beast Goodbye)

Sketched by Toluwanimi V.

And on that day, with a look so fierce, she said dauntingly;
“Sayonara! I’ve watched you take so much from me. I’ve got to protect this little that’s left of me”

When that beast (depression) stretches its ugly hand, don’t you dare take it. Do not give it a welcome, give it a behemothic GOODBYE. Trust me, you are stronger than you think.