Here is one of my perceptions on writing:

You dont have to have experienced something (personal experience), before you write about it. We have been blessed with the power of imagination; all you need to do sometimes is open up that mind of yours, travel through fantasyland in your head―where you see various characters and hear a lot of voices―and before you know it, you have a piece. Trust me, a FICTIVE story could carry a lot of REAL meanings. What might be a fictional character, could be a being in reality, and before you know it, you find yourself writing about actual experiences.
So, open your mind, explore, and pen down your discoveries.


realising that she had been espied,
she swifly buried her face in a newspaper,
pretending to be reading an ad,
when all she had been busy reading,
was the smile perched on his lips



He was highly insidious,
Skillful at getting as many chicks as possible.
His gusto was infectious,
You couldn’t help but melt at his attitude.
On his tongue were numerous subtle words,
Ever available to flirt and lure.
He was a charmer,
The one every girl fell for.

Image credit: @nordqvist.jpg (instagram username)


Toluwanimi V.

A Temptation of a Lifetime

Right there,

He saw the gleam.

Those eyes sparked with promises,

Causing his heart to skip with ethusiasm.

What she had in mind,

He knew not,

But her eyes spoke it all,

Tantalizing his every being,

Shaking his every core.

Still, he waits,

For she hadn’t made a move.

Her jezebel eyes,

Weren’t enough for his satisfaction.

So, still he waits,

And up till this very day,

He, still, waits.